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Happy Hump Day!

It has been rainy here in Denver so looking forward to some sunny weather for the next couple of days.  You will not want to miss Friday’s post – an exciting giveaway in which everyone wins!  Here’s a hint: Do you struggle finding quick, easy summertime recipes?  Me too!


May is both Osteoporosis and Pelvic Floor Awareness Month.  I suffer from both unfortunately.  Each can be debilitating.  One is easier to talk about than the other.  We will be learning about both.  Stay tuned as I share my stories, and we hear from experts in each field.


I have mentioned before – one thing I spend money on is a nice purse.  I always feel good carrying quality and like jewelry, it can be passed down if well cared-for.  That is where we must pause.  How do you keep it well cared-for and still wear everyday?  The answer is you don’t.  The only way I can keep my nice purses nice is to not use them every day.  Ok, now what?

I have a great solution.  This little beauty.  It basically can be multiple purses in one and is perfect for running around town and traveling (when I don’t want to take a nice purse).  I have it in two colors and multiple straps.  Honestly, you would almost mistake it for Gucci – wink, wink.  Except it is $20!

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Here is a little update on the Collagen!  I am still taking religiously and still have not had any Botox.  However, the most amazing is that except for an occasional flare up on one side, all of my knee pain is gone!!  (I have had a lot of knee pain since a bad fall skiing a few years ago). I had been worried that I might have to stop skiing; I honestly can’t believe it.

A couple of questions I have had:

Does it taste like fish?  No, not a bit.

Should I put in my coffee?  No – I drink straight up.  However, there is a great FB page for Collagen Elixer Mixers if you would like to check out.  Simply shoot me a message or leave a comment below.

Is it taking a long time to ship?  Nope – they are back to next day ship.

When should I take it? I prefer mornings.

I don’t tout many beauty products as you know; this one is worth it!  Give it a try – it has a money back guarantee if you do not like it.  And, don’t be scared with the auto-ship nature.  You can always push it out or cancel anytime.


Don’t forget about the free Recipe Book Printables!  I gave a quick preview on Social Media however, here are some shots of three pages.  If you would like a personalized set, leave a comment below or email me at




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