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Happy Weekend!

Whew…I, for one, am so happy it’s Friday!  It has been a week of ups and downs over here.  On the ups, I am fully vaccinated and made it home safely from Hawaii!  Yay!!  On the downs, Eva and I got really sick after our vaccine shots (Eva’s first and my second) and I am only sleeping about 4 hours a night – jet lag I guess.

I changed things up a bit on Wednesday this week to feature the lovely Mika and Marissa from Aspen Lane so today I am going to do the short tidbits post.  Don’t forget about the giveaway I am doing in partnership with them – a $50 gift card to Aspen Lane.  Details are on my socials: Instagram and Facebook.  Enjoy!


Confession – this is the time in my past two blogging attempts where I have fallen off the wagon.  For some reason, Spring Break has been a breaking point, literally for me.  LOL.

However, I committed to blogging in December for at least a year to see where it took me.  Missed the post?  Read it here – it is worth a revisit – I promise.  I am a GD Cheetah, I am a GD Cheetah, I am…thanks Glennon.  I got this!

The difference this time around is that I planned ahead so there was no break 🙂  I had everything lined up so that when I got back, I would be able to jump right in instead of twiddling my thumbs and giving up.  TBH, I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this…growing a following is really hard 🙂

Some great guests are coming up in the next few weeks including Deanna from Well & Worthy Life, Shannon Cave from Body Conceptions, an illuminating discussion with Christy Kovel and Kristi Omdahl from KO Luxury Organizing, among others!  Yay!


I did not wear half of what was in my HI suitcase – in case you missed how much I took, click here.

The category from which I wore everything was shoes.  Yep, took five pairs, wore five pairs.  And, one of them included my favorite comfort sandals of all time featured in the image at the top of this post and to the right!  They are super cute and have the comfort of Birkenstocks!  They are a winner, ladies and worth every penny!  This is my 2nd pair!!  I wore the first ones out after several trips to Europe, Disney and everywhere else.

Um…and the picture to the right – why was I standing away from my family – so weird LOL.  And, wondering about the dress?  I picked it up at Mud Pie.  In case you are not familiar with the brand, they have darling, preppy home accessories and clothing at affordable prices.  The sunglasses are Lilly Pulitzer; similar here.


I did a poll on my social accounts (in case you are not following, please do: loveglittergirlxo on Instagram or Facebook) asking if people thought I took my favorite facial moisturizer or my Collagen Elixir.  Y’all knew me too well – forgot the moisturizer but took the collagen.  And, I still feel like it is working!  I actually ran out and am awaiting my shipment – celebrating that it shipped today!  Give it a try – it is a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


Y’all, Hawaii is a long flight so I took plenty to watch and read.  No non-fiction this go around.

  • Finished streaming Imposters (dowloaded 6 episodes to my iPad and watched 4 throughout the flights and vacay).  This show kept me on my toes with twists, turns and lots of fun characters.  No word if there will be a Season 3 as it was cancelled by Bravo – however with the show gaining more Pandemic viewers, it has increased in popularity.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Finished two books and started a third – I am an avid reader of crime fiction – maybe I was a detective in past life or that was subconsciously my life dream – LOL.  Three of my favorite authors are Faye and Jonathon Kellerman and James Patterson – for the series I mention below, I have linked to the first book of each:
    • Faye Kellerman writes a series focused on Police Chief Peter Decker and his wife, Rina, who is always involved in the suspense.  They are both Orthodox Jews and I enjoy learning more about the culture.
    • Jonathan Kellerman is Faye’s husband and his novels feature psychiatrist Alex Delaware and his consulting with Detective Milo Sturgis.  Set in LA (which I love), they solve crimes from the creepy corners to the Hollywood Hills.
    • James Patterson writes many series but my favorite is the one featuring Alex Delware, who along with his wife and partner, solve crimes across Washington D.C.  Nana Mama is in every book and I just love her!!!

Ok, loves, that’s a wrap!


Glitter Girl

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