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Hello lovelies,

Happy Friday! I hope this finds you all enjoying a wonderful June!  I have been a little down and out the past couple of weeks and provide an update below.  However, I am back and looking forward to a couple of great upcoming guests on Love, Glitter Girl as well as some time off to refocus on where the blog is headed.

Splurge or Steal

If you are following any of the large influencers, chances are you have been introduced to Farm Rio.  It is the “it” buy of the season.  And, I love the fun colors.  I am contemplating this very dress right now.  With that said, you know I love a good deal.  And, that is why I am introducing you to Nineteen Palms.  I found this brand in Hawaii and it reminds me a lot of Farm Rio but at a discount.  $195 vs. $130?  The $65 can easily help you pick up a pair of shoes or some other accessories!

Osteoporosis and Reclast

As I mentioned on Social Media, I had an infusion of Reclast a couple of weeks ago; Reclast is a drug to help with Osteoporosis.  Although I am doing Osteostrong, which has science behind it to build bone density, my doctor felt I needed more based on the severity of my case combined with my age.  She provided me with several medication options (Fosamax, Prolea and Reclast) and after researching each, I opted for the once per year transfusion of Reclast.

Would I do it again?  The jury is out.  I wish I had found the Facebook Reclast Support Group prior to my infusion; the ladies there have a lot of useful tips for the infusion prep.  Unfortunately, as often happens, you don’t find groups like that until something goes wrong and you need help.  Had I drank lots of water leading up to that day, taken Tylenol prior and Benadryl following, I may not have ended up where I did.

The day of the infusion was fine; about 12 hours in, I got very sick.  Think nasty flu – much like after the 2nd vaccine shot.  I did not get out of bed for about 36 hours.  Terribly achy, joints hurt and very tired.  Once that passed, I thought things were fine.  And, then my fingers started swelling up.  It started with my osteo-arthritis finger and then spread to my pinkie fingers and when my other fingers started tingling, I called the Doctor.  I was not really able to use my left hand and the right one was headed that way.  Think sausage sized 🙂  And, the anxiety was high because remember, this is an annual shot.  Side effects can last a year!!!!  The doc put me on prednisone and declared she had only seen this reaction one other time in the history of her prescribing.  Of course!

I will finish the prednisone tomorrow.  My osteo-arthritis finger is hurting again, but everything else is ok.  Once the prednisone is out of my system, we shall see.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  My hope is that by spreading the word on this, others can avoid what I have experienced the past 14 days. If I can leave you with one thing: take your calcium and vitamin D and do bone strengthening exercises!  Seriously!!  And, everyone is different.  Reclast may not be for me but it may be exactly right for you.  Consult your doctor regarding your options.

What’s That Floating in My Coffee?

As you know, I am a proponent of collagen!  The Isagenix Collagen Elixir is my go to as I have loved the results to my face and neck ((look forward to a profile of some gals and their results in the coming weeks).  I also take collagen powder in my coffee as a source of protein as well as to help with my joints.  I have been a long time user of Collegen Peptides Powder but after seeing some influencer posts about Vital Proteins, I decided to give it a try.

Nope – not going to work for me.  The Vital Proteins powder is more expensive and unfortunately, floats in my coffee vs. dissolving.  Since that is my preferred way of consuming, that is is no go.  I have no doubt it is an amazing collagen powder, but I am sticking to the Collegen Peptides Powder.

Summer Recipe Contest Winner!

I am pleased to announce that Julie Michalek is the recipe contest winner!  Congratulations Julie!  Your $50 Amazon Gift Card is on its way!  Thank you to all who entered.

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