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Hey Loves,

It’s What’s Up Wednesday!  I am writing this on Tuesday morning after the Boulder shooting.  All of the shootings hit hard; I guess this one hit a little harder as only 30 miles from Denver.  That’s dumb as they all have the same grave impact – I don’t know why.  I am sad and feel empty inside.  Really could not sleep well as I kept thinking about the ten people who lost their lives and their families.  And, the shooter – what was he thinking?  What led him to commit this atrocity?


I have been thinking a lot about parenting over the past six months and today, even more as I hugged her a little tighter and longer when she left for school.

I have one kid and she is almost grown.  The oldest gets all of our mistakes – we are so much wiser after the first.  If I were talking to my 35 year old self, I might say:

  • It does not matter if they scored a goal, got a part, are at the top of your class, get into Advanced K or any of the other stuff – what matters is they learned something, enjoyed it and knew they were loved.
  • Exact timing of milestones may not be the end all, be all – going potty, learning to read, taking your first steps, getting your first kiss, learning to drive – what matters is that they learned something, felt good about it and knew they were loved.
  • It does not matter if they are like you or anyone else – what matters is that they learn about themselves, feel good about who they are and know they are loved.
  • I guess what I am saying is – don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.  As Mr. Tony would say, keep sight of the Big Picture.  The rest is just details.  Learning, Loving and Being Loved.

And to my older self:

Dear Hilary at 65,

Please remember that it does not matter if her college experience was like yours and your friends’ children; it does not matter if her job search is different than yours was and or your friends’ children; it does not matter if her path is different than you thought it would be – the key is it is her own.  What matters is she is learning, loving herself, enjoying life’s challenges and opportunities and knows she is loved.


Glitter Girl


The Most Darling New Wide Leg Jumpsuit Styled Five Ways!

It is so good y’all and it is headed to Hawaii!!  Why?  I can wear to the beach with flip flops and a hat, on the plane with comfy sandals and my jacket, shopping with comfy sandals and my white shirt and then to dinner twice: once fancy with nice jewelry and a clutch and once with a kimono – I mean, I won’t but I could wear it five times!!! LOL.  Did I mention it is $32.99?


Don’t forget about the Elixir giveaway!  It is so good y’all and here is another pic that shows the difference!  The results speak for themselves – same light, same gesture, same look, same position.  Click to view close-up.

And, it you want to order, remember, there is a money back guarantee so if you do not love it, you can get your money back!

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Goodness for me is that Friday we leave for Hawaii and I am going to be taking a break from blogging.  I will post on Social Media but believe breaks are important for everyone.  My next blog post will be on April 5th and I have two special guests joining me 🙂  Stay tuned and stay healthy, safe and always loving.


Glitter Girl

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