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It’s What’s Up Wednesday!

Glamour – See the difference in the above pic?  I am not a make-up aficionado – I really rely on others for recommendations.  I first saw this mascara on hisugarplum and it is the bomb!  One, it works really well.  Two, it is $5!  It is a blogger favorite.  Check it out 🙂  Also, all of my Amazon faves are on the blog here.  Bookmark for quick access as I will add to it as I review new products.

Grace – Did you guys know that if you have osteoporosis in your spine, you are not supposed to fully bend over?  Or do downward dog or a lot of the exercises that we do in fitness classes?  I am going to find out more about this on Thursday but a heads up as I had no idea!!!

Goodness – I posted the quote to the right on social media yesterday and it ties in with Kelly’s podcast above.  My wish for all of you is hopes and dreams, no matter your age, and the bravery and tenacity to make them happen!

Guts – As we celebrate women, have to mention Kelly Corrigan and her podcast “Kelly Corrigan Wonders.”  Two of my girls recommended her and I am hooked.  A great episode to listen to is her recent highlights of how change happens.  I know I struggle to keep the change going on a lot of things and Kelly really helped to frame steps to follow.  Join her as spends 20 minutes featuring clips of her guests as well as her personal thoughts on change.  It all starts with Belief with no cynicism.  Give it a listen to hear the rest.


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