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Happy Wednesday!

Couple reminders:

  • Spread the word – all subscribers to my blog can receive personalized Recipe Binder Printables.  Great for YOU or for your kiddos to make for YOU for Mother’s Day. Deets here.
  • Aspen Lane is offering all LGG readers/followers $15 off a purchase of $100 or more until June 6th.  Great gifts!




I got nothing this week.

In the meantime, whenever this happens, I will share a lifestyle blogger that I follow.  First up, Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.  Preppy, colorful and fun.  Fashion, Home, Beauty and more.  Find her on Insta & FB: @cassiesugarplum.


As we begin to approach Osteoporosis Awareness Month, I am going to share some facts and tips about bone density.  Th first is that I learned something new about walking this week.  If you have Osteoporosis in your hip, you should walk on a flat surface.  However, if like me, you have it in your lower back, you should try walking on an incline.  As with all health advice, please consult your doctor. Obviously, I am not one – just passing on info that I received from my PT.


Can we just talk about Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar?  I mean, seriously.  The silliest, most ridiculous movie that I have seen in a year and despite that, I was howling the whole time.  And, it was NOT the wine.  I promise.  I mean, culottes are making a comeback, right?  Wink. Wink.


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