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Happy Wednesday!  It’s all about the closet this week, folks.  Even the GRIT!


GRIT – The Goals for the New Space

No more Guts.  Well, still lots of spilling tea about the tough stuff.  I did not like the word “guts” so we are moving to Grit because it takes grit to get through the s&i%.  What grit can you talk about with a closet?  Well, if you are like me, lots.  For one, I am messy.  There I said it.  Mr. Tony (a role model Virgo) likes to joke that the only place left in the house for tidiness is his closet – LOL.  But, y’all, I am changing my ways.  I took the first step by working with the fabulous Kristi from KO Luxury Organizing to redo and organize my closet.  I feel so good – I mean, after all, our closet is the backstage for the show of life, right?

I am very lucky to have a room off of the master bedroom that is my closet.  And, since, Tony’s 101 year old Dad moved in, my never used office has literally become his shower.  So, I needed a new space.  Additionally, I am still pretty much working out at home and was getting tired of all of the weights and stuff in the bedroom – needed a workout space as well.  And, now I have it!

Weights stored out of site.

Pretty desk with  plenty of light.

Pretty things & inspiration around me all day into the night!


About six years ago, we were wandering around the holiday market at Grand Central Station in New York and stumbled across a booth selling the most darling cards and prints that were hand painted with ….wait for it…..GLITTER!  It was as if a force was pulling me inside and I literally got lost in all of the fabulous designs.  The saleswoman turned out to be the mother of the artist, Ashleigh Verrier of Verrier Handcrafted.  Now, y’all, I have consistently bought cards from this gal ever since – many I have framed and given to friends – that is just how darling and inspirational they are.  I love walking into their homes and seeing the cards on display.

Sidenote: Ashleigh is absolutely darling; she kinda reminds me of a modern day Alice in Wonderland.  She has a great Instagram that will brighten your day and I love seeing her pics with her daughter….wait for it…..COCO!  Another one of my favorite names after a true style icon, Coco Chanel.

When I was choosing artwork for the closet, I knew it had to be Verrier – it was the only thing befitting a true Love, Glitter Girl space.  Each speaks for itself with a little message tucked into the print (clockwise from left):


GRACE – Functionality

If you have ever worked with an interior designer or an organizer like Kristi, then you know that one of the biggest learnings is that you always, always measure your space first.  I have read countless posts on our community Facebook page of women selling items purchased because they did not fit in their home.  I am guilty of that as well.  I actually have two rugs sitting in my garage that need to be returned because they were not the right size.  So, how do you make sure it is right?

  • Measure your space
  • Get some of that painter’s tape (it rips easily and does not mark)
  • Begin taping where items will go and dimensions; do you know I had a dressing table in my closet for about 7 years that was too big and hence I could not open one of my closet doors to pull out my pants.  I had to basically reach in.  I am so happy that is fixed and I can pull out the hanging piece to see what I have.  You can even use on the walls for picture layouts.
  • Record dimensions and begin shopping.  It even helps with internet searches because you can narrow down selections to only what works with your dimensions.

GOODNESS – The Frills

Well, I did add some more goodness to the room however I am saving that for the full reveal on Friday.  In the meantime:

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