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Happy Monday!

I first learned of Tantra (I realize I am probably behind the times, but remember Sex/Virginia/Discomfort) on the infamous yoga trip; however as you know, I was just putting one foot in front of the other at that time so not sure I soaked it in.  Thankfully, one of my best friends is an intimacy coach trained under the fabulous Layla Martin.  Today, she talks to us about Tantra and how we can Tantra-lize our lives to take our intimacy and sexual relationships to the next level.  Shelly’s goals not only include helping others in their journeys, but also to make it easier for us to talk about sex and our sexual relations with ourselves and others.

Shelly Kasch is a certified sex, love and relationship coach, with a specialization in tantric sex. She received her training from Layla Martin’s VITA course, an intensive professional program in holistic sexuality ( She lives in El Paso, Texas, and coaches women, men and couples on how to come home to their bodies for enhanced living and loving. Learn more about Shelly at, or contact her directly at shellykasch@gmail.comMake sure to visit Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win a session with Shelly!


I hope you enjoyed this tantra-lizing education!  It got easier for me as our discussion ensued and I agree with Shelly – why is sex a taboo subject?  It is a natural and meaningful part of life.  And, it goes in cycles just like everything else.  And, like everything else that is important, it takes continual commitment.

Have you incorporated Tantra into your relationships or have other advice for us?  Please leave a comment below.


Glitter Girl

P.S. – did you see how she slipped in that testicle massage – I can barely say the word!  LOL.  Clearly, I am a work in progress!


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