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It’s all over Insta.  Glennon telling us “we can do hard things.”  Brene posting “When she gets weary, try a little tenderness.”  Jen declaring, “#putitonthelist.”  Rachel hanging an “Out of Office – Let’s Talk About Winter and Rest” sign.  Heck, Reese is running, Mindy is still meme-ing, and Jen is dancing with cactuses.  We are all just trying to make it through this s*&t show.

And, over here at LGG, I am drinking way too much wine (albeit “clean” LOL) and trying to keep track of the damn elf while creating some Christmas magic for the fam (my 100 year old Farsi-only speaking Father in Law, husband who really only leaves the house for OTF, 16 year old only child daughter and Sparke Jones, the only one who has been ecstatic during the whole quarantine).  So, I am feeling the pain too but #whenigetdownicreate!

As we approach the twelve days of Christmas, I am sharing the love in case some of you want to adopt some of my stress creating 🙂  Why? Maybe the hard things become easier, you can counter some of the things on the #putitonthelist and you can tenderly rest while championing some fun for the win.  I don’t know – I am making this up.  All I can tell you is that we have spent more time laughing together doing some simple things when we would normally be rushing all over the place franticly trying to hit every Christmas tradition.

The holiday calendar – grab a template (I used this one and edited in Canva, but there are so many out there for free or for pennies on the dollar – here is one for $.42), and jot down some ideas for the winter break.  I did the whole month but twelve days would have brought equal the fun and less planning – LOL.  Surprises go a long way in having something to look forward to.  Here are a few of the highlights that we did/are doing:

From left: Tony, Hilary, Eva. These will be hung in our mountain property.

Holiday or Winter Painting – THIS! this was awesome.  We used Painting with a Twist however my guess is most cities have painting studios that are offering this.  Small town?  No problem – head to Amazon or a craft store for the paints and canvas (did you know Dollar Tree is selling paint now???) and use an on-line tutorial on youtube.

Escape Room or Mystery kits –  We did this last night.  HUGE HIT.  We actually solved the mystery and are planning to keep the fun going during the Winter 🙂  We used this one but there are tons of options on Amazon or even TJ Maxx.

Hip Hop Nutcracker – there are so many online events and my friend, Suz, turned me on to this one.  So cool and different.

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular – we go to NYC every other year and always head to Radio City to see this show.  This year, we got to see on demand for free on the NBC app.  And, while you are at it, why not dance along with them on Insta.

Head out to the many holiday lights displays in your area or just go look at the houses.  And, you could even make hot cocoa bombs and take a hot chocolate on the road.

Grinch Day – watch one of the many Grinch shows, make green pancakes (we are going to make green velvet cake :), dress in green, draw the Grinch and the list goes on.

Watch movies, play games, go on holiday scavenger hunts around the neighborhood to find certain lights like menorahs, santas, stars, reindeer, the list goes on…

You get the picture!

How are you feeling? Energized to get creative?  Yay!  Overwhelmed?  I get it.  Forget you ever saw this post.  Grab the remote, queue up Hallmark or this list, pop some popcorn, cuddle on the couch and just be.  Whatever you decide, give yourself a break and do the best you can.  That’s all we got.





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