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In our last beauty post, we discussed make-up less beauty for tweens and teens. ¬†Glitter Girls, we truly believe you are beautiful just the way you are and on a day to day basis, we recommend a natural look ūüôā ¬†Eva wears that tinted Vaseline every day and it adds just the right touch.

With that said, we know there are special occasions when you want to glam it up a bit.  Believe us, we hosted a school dance get together about a month ago where Eva and her friends primped and plumped to get ready for a fabulous evening.  The flat irons were on as were the curling wands, and everyone was delving into make-up bags.

Here at Glitter Girl, we understand wanting to add that bit of sparkle to your look. ¬†And, as long as it is ok with your parents AND you are doing it for the right reasons, then we say Glitter On…Sensibly ūüôā ¬†When we say the “right reasons”, we mean to have fun. To us, the right reason is not that you need it. ¬†It is not because everyone else is doing it. ¬†It is not because you think it makes you prettier. ¬†It is because it is fun to apply a little of this and a little of that into your look.

What’s that taylor 2Sensibly up there then? ¬†Well, we usually don’t think less is more but in this case, less IS more. ¬†Case in point – check out this photo of Taylor Swift. ¬†This is her at about 12 and then as a young adult. ¬†Sure..we see her all the time in heavy make-up and glamorous clothing. ¬†However, Taylor Swift is 26! ¬†At 12, she took a very minimalist approach to make-up. ¬†This is the age at which she was already writing songs and performing at local events. ¬†And, think about this – Hollywood is the place of glam and glitz right? ¬†Well, did you know that Hollywood agents who are seeking out new talent never want to see a headshot of an 11 year old with a full face of make-up. ¬†As a matter of fact, they don’t want to see any make up! ¬†And, that is Hollywood!

So, the “Sensibly”¬†means doing a slight bit of enhancing of your natural beauty. ¬†We found a great article from the website on beauty for tweens and we would go so far as to extend to teens as well:¬† ¬†Basically, clear mascara, possibly some blemish concealer, a pretty lip tint and gloss and voila – you have put on just enough to enhance your natural beauty.

I, as Eva’s Mom, was very happy that this type of approach was used by our Glitter Girls getting ready for their dance. ¬†They all looked beautiful and I could still see every part of their gorgeous faces. ¬†And, my heart sings that they still head to school everyday with just their chapstick or lip gloss and leave their make-up bags at home. ¬†I like to think that these girls have already learned one of the biggest tricks of the trade penned by the famous Marilyn Monroe: a smile is the best make-up any girl can wearūüôā





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