Products used to make recipe book:

These are simply suggestions; Amazon is a great resource for finding inexpensive supplies.  Organize what you have and decide what will work best.  Options below for 50 pages (approx. 100 recipes) is roughly $15-23.

White 2″ Binder (1)

5 Tab Print & Apply Sheet Protector Dividers (2)

Here is something about these: the package says it is 75500.  It is not.  They don’t make these anymore so you may want to find a different type.  If you decide to go ahead, the correct number is 23120.  I printed them in 14 pt font (unless it was too big for longer labels) and I used Navy, Green and Pink for the colors of the font, interchanging.  They work fine but you have to be careful sticking them on.

Sheet Protectors for Recipes (Choose One):

50 Count Sheet Protectors

200 Count Sheet Protectors

50 Count 4×6 Recipe Card Sheet Protectors

Paper for Recipes

75 Sheets White Cardstock (If you print front to back; 2 recipes per sheet = approx. 130 recipes after you print other divider and cover sheets)  This is what I used.

50 Sheets White Glossy Cardstock – not for inkjet printers