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Happy Sunday Y’all,

This is my first installment of Love Glitter Girl – Wisdom!  With the celebration of my 50th birthday, I will be posting 50 stories about things I have learned.  Many of which are from my friends. Drink Up, Glitter Girls!

From left, Missus Kristin, Karin, Regan, me, Kate, Suz and Ali

Having a girl is not easy. Girls love drama (well, not all, but many). Heck, I dip into my own drama a bit. I’ll own it – LOL. And, Eva is an actress (and, I’ll share a very little known fact, I love acting too) so there is an internal ticking inside of both of us for a little drama.

Now, I give my girl a lot of credit. She is so much wiser than I. She takes after Mr. Tony, and has always made great friend choices. However, Mama Bear always worries about her having good friends. It is all because of my own dysfunctional teen years; I project my own stuff into Eva’s life. So, I have had many a conversation with other Mamas about my perception of Eva’s friend drama over the years (and by the way, Eva is a tight-lipped one; she does not like to tell me her friend drama much to my chagrin LOL).

Which leads to my very first piece of wisdom that rang so true this weekend, that my heart is ready to burst with joy and gratitude.

Find Friends That Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Miss Kate, me and Miss Jill

In one of the many conversations with my friend, Ms. Ali, about Eva’s friend stuff, she shared with me something that she discussed with her daughter (one of Eva’s life besties). I can remember the conversation vividly. I had been driving and I pulled into a parking lot as the conversation was so needed and I wanted to focus. Through the phone, I will never forget her sharing this wisdom – Do your friends make you feel good about yourself?

Do they make you feel good, happy, confident, joyful? Do they support you versus tearing you down? Not are they popular. Not are they in the “in crowd.” Not do you have a lot of them. Simply, do they make you feel good about yourself?

Me and Miss Marti

This past weekend, some of my very nearest and dearest friends threw me a lovely cocktail party for my 50th birthday and y’all, I am telling you and I mean literally (that is just for Suz as I know she will read), I HAVE HIT THIS FRIEND THING OUT OF THE FRIGGIN PARK! MS. ALI, I HAVE DONE SUCH A GREAT JOB AS MY HEART IS LITERALLY BURSTING BECAUSE MY FRIENDS MADE ME FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!!

After many tears, Miss Marti, me, Miss Leslie and Miss Christina (this was after the tears so excuse the make-up running down my face – LOL)

Y’all, I really have never cried so many tears of joy in my life. The hostesses (Missus Kate, Ali, Suz, Kristin and Marti) planned the most fabulous, glittery, fun birthday celebration ever and their most precious gift was to have everyone present a Valentine to me.

Miss Tammy, me and Miss Shelly

Y’all, I honestly cannot believe the things my friends said to me. I mean I could not possibly be this amazing person they were describing. There is no way! And, yet, I will take it. Because turning 50 has not been easy coupled with Eva starting high school (more of that in a future post). And, I needed a little pep talk as I head into my next 50 years. Because, I have so much left to offer this world, and with the support of my fabulous tribe, I am armed and ready to serve it up!

Miss Rachel and I

So, my friends, the next time you are thinking about your own friends or if you are like me and trying guide your lovely son or daughter, please think back to Ms. Ali’s wisdom and share this: Do Your Friends Make You Feel Good About Yourself?

Eternally grateful that I can answer with a RESOUNDING YES!

My cup runneth over and my heart is full. I wish I had pics of everyone there as each and every one of you touches my heart immensely!



6 thoughts on “Love Glitter Girl – Wisdom!

  1. You are such a gem Hilary. I’ll be following your 50 stories. So true to surround yourself with people who raise you up and see you for the person you hope to be. You may be 50, but first and foremost, you are FABULOUS!

  2. What a great project Hilary! Happy birthday and I’m excited to hear your always thoughtful perspective. Living in the thick of it with you sister, xoxo Christina

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