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Hey Loves,

Here’s the thing.  I had a GREAT time in Hawaii.  But, it is not my favorite place.  When I say that to people, they look at me in shock.  My husband looked at me in shock.  He actually asked me if that was true.  I almost felt guilty.  Almost.  Why?  Because so many people love Hawaii.  It is beautiful, relaxing and on many people’s bucket lists.  A life dream for some.  The postcard of paradise.

Here’s the thing, lovelies. At 52 years old, I realize I can like and dislike whatever the hell I want and not feel guilty about it.  As long as I am being kind.  And, I don’t need to explain why.  It has taken me a long time to get to this place.

The Stuff.  And, the Things.  Love, Glitter Girl

Why is that?

The stuff.  All the stuff.  And, the things.

I write a blog geared to women, ages around 30-60.  However, I have a lot of different aged followers. So, sometimes I am going to write about the stuff.  And, the things.  It’s a GUTs post but it’s for everyone.

I hope you will share with your kids and your hubby and whomever else you think it would benefit.  And, please, let me know if you like to see more of these types of posts.

Back to Hawaii

I sent my husband this post.  His response was what will our friends think?  Especially those who are thinking about living in Hawaii.  Maybe you shouldn’t say Hawaii.  You might offend them.

I re-read what I wrote.  Ok, I see your point.  But, what is wrong with saying that I don’t love something?  How does that affect someone else?  I guess it is the stuff and the things.  For example, parents teach their kids to:

  • Please others.
  • Avoid conflict.
  • Tell others what they want to hear.

So, how is my saying I don’t like something going to do that?  It doesn’t.  I could say nothing.  That is an option.  But when someone asks me, “don’t you love it there?”, what is wrong with my saying, “No, I don’t.”  I could even add  “I like it.  But, I don’t love it” if I want because that is truth.

If we are truly living authentically, let’s make it ok to be honest. You can do that without offending, being unkind, or lying.  You can kindly come from a place of truth.  Here is an example:

I support a lot of women on social media.  That is part of my gig – supporting other women.  You will find my comments splattered everywhere praising a look or a color combo or a pair of shoes.  Here is what you will not find – if I didn’t like something or it hit me the wrong way, I will not comment.  I may like the post, but I will not comment something I do not believe.  Period.  And, if I promote someone, I do it because I believe it.

The Lesson:

Like what you like, don’t like what you don’t like – just don’t hurt people doing it.  


Glitter Girl




6 thoughts on “This Post is Not About Hawaii. Not Really. It’s About the Stuff. And, the Things.

  1. Yes! Being authentic is a great way to live life! You can be authentic and kind! Congrats on being true to yourself!

  2. Love the lesson on this post! “Like what you like, don’t like what you don’t like – just don’t hurt people doing it.” It’s going up on our family chalkboard today!

  3. Yes , you are allowed your opinion. Just be kind and gracious about how you say it and present. I always try and find something nice to say no matter what , but that doesn’t mean playing small or twisting yourself into a pretzel for others.Authenticity is a gift to you and others.

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