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Happy Friday Loves!

Pure grit post.

I used to think that any deviation from the original goal was a failure; some wonderful women have advised me that is not the case. 
It is the journey that matters; sometimes the journey takes you to the place you were meant to be versus the place you thought you should be.  Maybe even the end of a rainbow?

I am at about the six month mark of blogging and here is what I LOVE:

  • All of you!
  • All of the wonderful women I have profiled.
  • The creativity and new learnings
  • Sharing things that they might help others

Through this experience, inspiration struck and I am working on a book(s).  They more focused on stories, fun and tips for the younger set.  I have also pulled out a couple of children’s books that I wrote and am dusting them off.

With summer coming and more limited time, here is what you can expect from the blog:

  • Fabulous women doing amazing things!  As a matter of fact, Monday brings a truly inspirational woman that I so admire!
  • Same thoughtful content; sometimes less of it and maybe different from before
  • My commitment to you!!

Final thing – please don’t forget the recipe giveaway!  I have only received 2 recipes 🙁  I know my family would love you if you submitted :)))  They get tired of the same things 🙂

Make it a great weekend!

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