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Happy Wednesday loves,

And, Happy June!  Before we head into summer, we are going to look back at May for a hot minute.  I had a lot to say about Osteoporosis over the past weeks (and more coming), but did you also know that May was Pelvic Floor Awareness Month?

Do you know about your pelvic floor and the function it plays in your health?  Well, I did not until about 6 years ago when all of a sudden my pelvic floor wreaked such havoc on my body, that I could barely leave the house.  It all started with an urge to go if you know what I mean.  And, when I mean go, I mean like every five minutes!

What the heck?  UTI?  Nope, went to my gynecologist and all was clear.  Some kind of ovarian cyst or something?  Nope.  Ultrasound was all clear.  Ugh, something worse like cancer?  Nope.  Numerous trips to the Urologist ruled out anything “serious.”  Well, what the heck?  I could barely function at the end of several months.  And, my stress levels were increasing daily.  Then, I ran into someone and they recommended I see Dr. Keil, a Uro-Gynocologist.  What the heck is a Uro-Gynecologist?  Who cares?  At that point, I was desperate.

Within one minute of examining me, Dr. Keil declared I had pelvic floor disorder and away I went to the recommended PT – N2 Physical Therapy.  I will let Hollie and Patty tell you more about the Pelvic Floor’s role in our health as well as all of the goodness about this type of therapy.  My goal is that you avoid my experience and pass this on to others so that they are aware of this very important issue that does not always present as what it is.




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