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Happy Summer!

I hope all of you are enjoying time with friends and family while creating lifetime memories.   Sunshine, gratefulness and love are filling my days.

I am back briefly as two of my dear friends, Rachel and Kate, have developed a sleep system that can provide relief to those who may be suffering from restlessness and discomfort after undergoing medical treatment.  There was no way I could wait one second longer than necessary to let you guys know about Sleep Again Pillows!

I won’t go into too much detail as these two ladies tell it better than I.  However, the idea for this new system was born after Rachel experienced breast cancer, one of the most distressing diagnoses a woman can receive.  Struggling to get comfortable after her double mastectomy, she realized that she needed a multitude of pillows and support items to help.  Enter Sleep Again Pillows.

The rest is history.  Give this a listen and please share – after any surgery, sleep is critical but often elusive.  It does not have to be now.  I know that it would have helped me ten years ago after my foot surgery and I truly believe it can help you and/or those you love!


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