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It is amazing how many fabulous women I have met in the few short months of this blogging journey.  Women who support and elevate one another on social media and have endured and risen above many challenges in their lives.  And, they have the courage to share their stories in an effort to help others.

One of these ladies is Deanna Pizitz from Well and Worthy Life I virtually met Deanna through Instagram and have watched her energy and passion for health and wellness day after day.  When she announced her new Balance program, I knew I needed to know more. We met and I learned quite a bit about Deanna’s personal life; specifically Deanna has been through two divorces, managed single parenthood and has evolved her career path a few times.  She is now happily remarried and is again, pivoting to a new, exciting opportunity for women ages 40+.

Let’s hear from Deanna directly on how she has navigated rough waters in her life and about her new Balance experience.

So much of what Deanna said about navigating challenge resonated with me:

  • Faith – You come closest to God when you go through tough times.
  • Self Help – turning to others through reading and podcast to continually learn and grow.
  • Forgiveness – forgiving others, such as an ex spouse, even when things get nasty.  Forgiveness is so important for moving forward
  • Exercise – Moving and exercising to help you relieve stress and feel better.

As Deanna told us, she created Well and Worthy Life and now, the amazing Balance Experience to help women as they go through the changes that come with middle life.  Things like mindset, nourishment, scientific strategies, hormone health, finding the right movement for you, stress management and so much more!!

Deanna is starting her next session of the Balance experience on April 26th.  There are two options: Balance Online and Premium Balance which includes everything in the online experience plus a weekly Zoom call.  Deanna is offering $20 off either experience through Sunday  – just use code EARLYBIRD20.  To learn more, please visit the Balance experience webpage.


Glitter Girl

More about Deanna….

I created the Well and Worthy Life (a southern-based style and wellness company in Birmingham) with a mission to inspire women through relatable, vibrant and curated fashion, wellness and lifestyle content and programs.

As a health coach, nutrition coach and life coach, I want to reach women searching for the ultimate resource for a happy and fulfilled life whether they are in Birmingham or live somewhere beyond.

I am always on my own personal journey to be the best I can be today, tomorrow and every day in between.

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Life Coach, I am a firm believer that everyone can live a well and worthy life based on the notion that what someone does today and the choices they make today affect their tomorrows.

Drawing from the challenges in my own personal life, and as a certified integrative Nutrition Health Coach and life coach, I am motivated each and every day to bring my passion for helping others to live and hope my readers will join in on the journey to self-inspiration, self-care and most importantly, self-love.


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