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Happy May Lovelies,

We brought in the month with our first post pandemic gathering to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.  Derby Day is a highlight of our year  – putting together our outfits and spending the day with good friends, food and drink while we watch the Running for the Roses.  This year was especially gratifying as we felt light and free.  Given we are all vaccinated, we took off our masks, hugged our friends and felt normal for a few hours.

Of course, it is not lost on me that there are crises around the world and even in our country, still today with the Pandemic.  My heart hurts for those people and their families.  And, I think about them everyday.

We lost a good friend last week.  Not from Covid – he had been having seizures and had a stroke/heart attack and lost all brain function.  He was just 50.  Our hearts are heavy.

Reflecting, thoughts fly in my head.  “Live life fully every day” juxtaposed with #how can you be out in a group when people are dying.”  “Thinking of yourself versus thinking of others.”  “Politics”

Responsible Balance

For me, it boils down to something I coin Responsible Balance.  When I am faced with doubt, I consider these among others:

  • Will my actions hurt others?  Will they hurt me?
  • How important is this to me and my family?
  • How Important is this to others?

We had a great day yesterday and gracefully gave ourselves permission to have a great time.  We missed those not in attendance who had different answers to the above and respected them for it while we respected ourselves.

Onward to May – lots coming on the blog this month – my favorite Amazon purse find, guests talking about renewal, issues facing midlife gals like me, packing for Seaside, FL, girls trip and more!


Glitter Girl

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