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Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month?  TBH, I would not have given it a bit of attention until about three months ago.  That is when I found out that I have Osteoporosis in my low back.  At 52 years old!  Here’s the thing.  I had a a bone density scan in my mid 40s and everything was fine.  Not even a lick of osteopenia (the precursor to Osteoporosis).  The reason I requested the scan was that runs in my family and I wanted a baseline.  I have a very small frame and that is a huge risk factor.

After I got that normal result, I sailed through the years taking calcium sometimes (meaning on average once per week), even though my doctor said to take everyday.  Never really taking Vitamin D – I mean wasn’t I getting it from the cup of milk withy my coffee?  Over that time, I went through menopause and did not give Osteo a lick of thought.

When my friend, Jill, mentioned she was going to a place called Osteostrong Lowry, I thought to myself, huh, that sounds interesting. I mean I know it will come one day so why not go see what this place does to prevent it?

Fast forward a few weeks.  I joined as the pandemic was winding down and like everyone else, I was thinking about my quality of life.  I better keep mine up so I can enjoy all those things I was dreaming of in quarantine.  One of the first things they recommended was a bone scan so they could measure my results.  That was a great first sign – I mean they must be prepared to put their money where their mouth was if they wanted data, right?

You could have bowled me over when I found out that I had fully developed Osteo in my back.  So much so that my rheumatalogist had a huge course of bloodwork done to make sure there was not an underlying cause.  Thank goodness, I found Osteostrong.  Every week, I go and work towards building up my bones through their specialized series of exercises.  I can’t do the explanation justice which is why I invited Jori and Lindsey to join me so that you can hear first hand how I am working to stop the progression of Osteoporosis.  I plan to be here a long time and I am going to need those healthy bones to keep me standing!



Giveaway Opportunity!  Check this out – Osteostrong Lowry is giving away a free month – see the details to the right.  In addition, they are offering ALL Love, Glitter Girl readers the opportunity to try either an Infrared or Compression Boot session for free. Simply e-mail Osteostrong  and mention Love, Glitter Girl.  Great time to go find out what Osteostrong is all about!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Osteostrong Lowry.  I will definitely share my progress when I get my next bone density scan.  In the meantime, TAKE YOUR CALCIUM and VITAMIN D!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for this informative post. I learned so much and will definitely be looking into my bone health.

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