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My great, great grandmother, Florence Jaffray Harriman (Daisy), who was a leader in the women’s suffrage movement.

It may have been a gesture, a hug, a smile, or a book
A podcast, a vlog, a picture or a look,

Maybe they left a legacy, or an inspiration for you, 
Or simple words of wisdom – a piece of advice or two,

Perhaps they were there in a time of stress or need,
Always giving of themselves, their words you heed,

Perhaps it was laughter that doubled you over in pain,
The bond of friendship or family, the feeling the same,

They may have come before you or maybe you just met,
It doesn’t matter when, it was what was left,

The impact they had and they did not know,
For they were just being them, leaving a mark in doing so,

We give thanks to those who forged the path and the way,
And also to those who inspire us in all that they do or say,

We celebrate all women, their journeys and the steps that they take,
To leave an impression on this world, one we will not forsake.

Today, we give thanks to all of the women who have inspired us to live our lives with hopes and dreams and the persistence and bravery to make them a reality. I am so fortunate to have so many women in my life, from family members to friends to acquaintances, who constantly shine their light on my life while just being them.


Glitter Girl

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