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Happy Monday & first day of February.  This month, we will be focusing on LOVE – love for ourselves, romantic love and some of the hard stuff we don’t always talk about.  Like love and romance in our relationships.  Just like everything, we have to work to keep things shiny and exciting, especially romance. For most of us, we are not running around like rabbits all the time like we did when we were in the early stages of our relationships (if you know what I mean – wink wink).  The more and more comfortable we get with someone, the easier it is to make excuses to avoid intimacy. The old adage “I have a headache” came from somewhere – LOL. “Let’s have sex” says no one ever after a night being up with kids.

Sometimes, that means that the intimacy connection gets lost during the child rearing years.  The good news is that when one door starts closing, another opens for us.  As our children become more independent, the universe opens up the opportunity for couples to re-connect.  It is the end of one time and beginning of another.  It is the time to move into another stage of intimacy, sex, pleasure and romantic connection in a relationship.  It is a time to consider new ideas and new ways to increase the love.  Do you agree?

That is why I am so honored to have Tanya Jahnke from Feng Shui for the Om on the blog today providing us some Feng Shui tips to infuse LOVE and romance into our homes. Tanya Jahnke is a Feng Shui Expert with over 25 years of experience inspiring clients around the globe to use their home as a 3D Vision Board for their best life! She is passionate about demystifying the FEAR Shui & superstition normally associated with the ancient art of Feng Shui and shares free daily tips and wisdom to help you fall madly in love with your home + life!  If you would like to learn more or speak to Tanya about your home, please see her contact information above.

Feng Shui Tips to Add Love & Romance to Your Home 

Feng Shui is a 5,000 year old ancient wisdom that fosters health, wealth, love, connection, protection, ease & harmony via your home environment. Feng Shui, my way uses your home as a 3D vision board for your best life, no Fear Shui or superstition allowed.  Your environment influences your mood, which affects your behavior & informs your decisions, which leads to the outcomes and experiences in your life. One of my mentors said, “Your home is not just where you hang your hat; it is the space most connected to who you are. Your home encases you like a bigger body: It affects how you feel, behave, and see yourself. Even when you leave the house each day, you carry that vibration with you, wherever you go.”

I want your home to positively influence how you feel & behave so you can embody the best version of yourself & fulfill your dreams!

Using the Bagua {Feng Shui Treasure Map}, find the Love & Relationships life area of your home. The Love area relates to finding the One, reigniting the spark with your current partner, deepening your bond & making sure your relationship is loving and reciprocal. In addition, the Love & Relationships area relates to the happiness, health & wellbeing of the woman/mother/female of the house—so it’s SUPER important in Feng Shui!

Love is all about receptivity. How big is your container to receive LOVE? If your dream partner showed up tomorrow, would there be space in your home & life? Declutter, create space on both sides of the bed, leave empty hangers in the closet, room in the garage for his/her car and time in your calendar for date nights. If you’re currently in a marriage/relationship, are there symbols of both partners’ energy and passions displayed in the home? Is there a balance of feminine and masculine décor? If a stranger were to come to your home for the first time, would they have a clear idea about who lives there?

Master bedroom Feng Shui tips:

The master bedroom always relates to romance & the health of your love relationships, no matter where in the home it falls.

-Create a sexy sanctuary—your bedroom should be for sex & sleep only!

-Decorate your bedroom to feel like a staycation at your favorite resort!

-Make sure you have a solid headboard. In Feng Shui, the headboard symbolizes a harmonious relationship and support overall in life

-Add pink sheets to attract love and increase connection

-Bring in PAIRS! Two nightstands, two lamps & a happy photo of you together

-Look at the art in your space—be sure there is no single ladies or art that makes you feel lonely or disconnected

-Add sensory items that spark romance: a cozy faux fur throw, silk sheets, a candle with a scent you love, massage oil, fresh flowers, a plush rug

-Add fiery colors in small doses to spark passion + intimacy

-Keep photos of others {especially kids!} out of the bedroom

-Remove any unfinished business or work related items {no treadmill, desk, Peloton, laundry or work to distract you from sexy time!}

You can play with Feng Shui & personalize these suggestions to work with your design style and personal taste. Clients report amazing results just after focusing on their master bedroom with fresh “Feng Shui eyes”. A few simple shifts can have a profound effect on your love life!

Thank you so much Tanya for your insights!  I can see quite a few changes need to be made over here (uhmmm…no kid photos, laundry, and spending 95% of my time in the bedroom working).  Oh, and the $108 in the red envelope – on that!!!




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  1. This is very relevant information for me! Thanks for the research you’ve done in order to out this together ♥️

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