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My eyes tear up sharing this post as my new closet/workoutspace/office is bringing me joy and freshness every single day and so much of the credit goes to the amazing Kristi Omdahl.  Otherwise known as KO the Organizer on social media, Kristi is a gal you need to get to know.  She helped me shed 22 large garbage bags full of clothes providing me an organizational masterpiece in my closet.  I am an Aquarian gals – not a Virgo.  But, if you look at my closet right now (and I plan to keep it this way), you will think I am the most Virgo of the Virgos.  It is absolutely amazing.  Today, I am going to give a sneak peek of how we organized everything as well as some tips from Kristi so you can do it too!  Then in my next couple of posts, I will do the full reveal. Be prepared to be amazed.

Before we share the tips, let’s hear from Kristi directly about KO Luxury Organizing and her philosophy on living a more organized life.


One thing she did not mention is that not only are her initials KO, but it’s also her philosophy – with the Knock Out Method, she takes a collaborative approach to creating functional, beautifully organized spaces in 6 proven steps:

Step 1: Consult

Before the project, we walked through the space to discuss my goals and what I wanted to accomplish with the closet makeover. The goal? Purge, implement a practical organization system, and make it look pretty!

Step 2: Distill

On the day of the project, we pulled EVERYTHING out of the closet (and I mean literally every last earring and pair of underpants), and categorized like-items into piles all over the bedroom (think sweaters, pants, shoes, bras, belts, jackets, etc.). We then went through each pile and purged 22 bags of trash and donations! Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, but let me tell you, it’s SO worth it. It not only creates space, but I have found that I’m wearing so much more of my wardrobe now that all the excess has been removed. 

Tips for purging:

–Kristi taught me to pay attention to my visceral reactions as I picked up each item in my closet. How did I feel as I picked up that pair of stilettos? Did I cringe and think, “those shoes kill my feet!”? If so, no need to keep them (buh bye). Or, did I want to hug them because they look and feel great? That was a sign to keep them!

–Keep things that are classic, make you feel confident, are comfortable, and in good shape! Don’t keep things that don’t fit, are damaged, never worn, out of style, aren’t flattering, etc. You’ll never wear them, and they’re just timply taking up precious space mentally and physically. LET IT GO! Just do it. She promised I wouldn’t regret it, and she was 100% right. Haven’t thought about the things that left my closet, only the wonderful things that I kept!

Step 3: Clean

Before moving everything back in, we cleaned the space. We got the dustbuster out and went to town, and then we wiped everything down to remove dust and scuffs. Nothing like moving back into a clean space! Don’t forget to vacuum as well!

Step 4: Remove

Remember those 22 bags we were able to purge? Before the organizing began, we had to get the unwanted items out of the way, so we immediately took the trash and recycling out. As for the donations, I checked with my daughter and friends to see if there was anything they might like before we dropped everything off at the local donation center. 

Tip for donations:

  • Donate to your favorite local charity. Be sure to check and see what they accept/don’t accept.
  • Sell your items with a local consignment shop and recoup some dough!
  • Be careful with donating to loved ones. To ensure they don’t feel pressured to take items they don’t want, tell them you’re sending items to donation but wanted to check and see if they are interested in any of the items before you drop them off at the donation center. Takes the pressure and guilt out of the equation, making it easy for them to say no thank you. We’ve all been at the receiving end of that equation and it definitely can be hard to say no if it feels like they are being given items vs. it being a choice.

Step 5: Organize

Now that we have clarity on how much of each category we need to organize back in the closet, it’s a lot easier to plan where everything is going to live based on the size of the category. 

The goal was to create zones, or a designated place, for like-items within the space. So for example, we put all my handbags together in one spot, all shoes together, all sweaters together… and actually, we used a pretty nifty little trick of using Post-It Notes to plan where everything was going to live before we moved items back in. This is to ensure that there’s not only enough space for that category, but that it makes sense for my functional habits. Has to be practical! And, it’s a lot easier to move Post-It Notes around vs. 40 pairs of shoes. Then, once the Post-It Note plan felt right, we implemented various organizational products to help contain items properly, like bag hooks for my handbags – how cool are those? She also hung all my clothes in the same direction and by color, which makes it look extra organized! Kristi says it’s important to know what you’re organizing and the size of the space (measure, measure!) before purchasing organizing solutions (bins, baskets, hooks, etc.), as you want to ensure you’re buying the right product. 

Cherry on top of this makeover? We added new artwork by one of my favorite artists, who I will introduce you to  on Wednesday.  Also, a new rug, chair and desk transformed the space. Little changes can make the biggest difference!

Step 6: Reveal

Once everything was placed in it’s new spot, we walked through the space to ensure I knew where everything was, and talked through tips for staying organized longterm. Now that everything has a dedicated spot in my closet, it’s so much easier for me to remember where things are and where to put things away, which will help me stay organized longterm. Plus, now that I have this great system that looks so nice, I’m inspired to keep it that way! 

We can’t wait to show you the finished product!!  I will be doing a full reveal on Friday but for now, here is a sneak peek!


Want to learn more about Kristi and her organizational services? Check her out!

KO Luxury Organizing

Kristi Omdahl, Founder
Instagram: @kotheorganizer
Facebook: @kotheorganizer
LinkedIn: Kristi Omdahl
Cell: 303-550-2628


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