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I am so lucky that one of my very dearest friends is also an amazing resource for me in many things, but definitely, exercise and fitness.

Kate Devlin is an instructor at The Bar Method Northfield and prior to that, taught at several studios around Denver.  I was lucky enough to spend 10 minutes with her learning about how Barre can be effective at reducing that middle-age bulge, that “muffin top” or that “tire” around the mid-section.

She shares some great exercises (scroll to video below) that if practiced every day can help reduce the “tire” (and I can attest to that!  Now if I can just practice some discipline – LOL).

  • Each exercise should be done in sets of ten, three sets per day.  You can increase by 2 reps until you get to 20.  Form is more important than reps!
  • Start out with two 30 second planks in your workout; when ready, add 10 seconds as you work up.  



If you would like to learn more, reach out to The Bar Method Northfield.  They are providing indoor sessions as well as outdoor on nice days.  They have amazing precautions and cleanliness with plastic dividers between each participant.  Ask about trying a class before committing.

The Bar Method Northfield
The Shops at Northfield
8370 Northfield Blvd #1760, Denver, CO 80238
(720) 379-3732

Not in Denver? No problem.  The Bar Method has studios nationwide as well as online platforms.



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