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When you are a creative, you create!  And, that is just what Sheevani Desai Ignasinski does all the time!

As you will hear, I met Sheevani through the acting world; my daughter acts and has had the pleasure of being her daughter in two different projects.  Yes, Sheevani is Indian and Eva is Persian but in the acting world, ethnicities are interchangeable often times.

I started following Sheevani on Facebook and loved her blog posts about growing up in Indian family.  Then, when she started “Hot & Heavy – the Elaine Benes Podcast”, I knew I had to learn more and share her story. Listen as she tells us how she followed her passions at 40 showing us it is never too late!!

More about Sheevani:
Sheevani Desai is an actor, comedian and writer. In addition to her blog, Impressionista, Sheevani enjoys writing everything from comedy sketches to full-length television scripts in a variety of genres. After studying improv and sketch comedy in Detroit, she decided to go all in with her lifelong dream of acting, leaving behind the comforts of a corporate career and benefits. She has performed in everything from feature films to corporate training videos, and honestly, she loves it all. Recently Sheevani started a podcast dedicated to the genius of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes called, Hot & Heavy: The Elaine Benes Podcast. Her podcast and blog allow Sheevani to discuss her passion for comedy as well as the experiences of women who choose unconventional careers or lifestyles. Being a child of Indian immigrants can lead to a lot of self-doubt when opting to take the non-traditional route, but Sheevani believes the risk is worth it as long as the definition of success evolves with the process. When she is not writing shows, acting or producing her podcast, Sheevani loves spending time exploring Colorado with her two kids and wonderful husband.

Make sure to read her blog and check out the podcast!


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