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Hi lovelies,

We are back from our fabulous Hawaiian Spring Break vacay (more on that soon) energized and ready to hit the ground running.  Lots of new ideas for the blog swirling around in my head that stay true to my mission – helping women navigate their life journey and bringing focus and elevation to all of the fabulous things that we, as women, do to make a difference in this evolving world of ours.

The Guts

That is why I am so excited to delve into a topic that has affected not only me, but many other women as they navigate family, career and self fulfillment: what do you do when you feel that stirring in your heart to make a life change If you are Marissa Miceli or Mike Shreeve, the answer is to do it!!  But of course, it was not that easy.  Listen to them discuss the steps they took that have led to the birth and evolution of Aspen Lane – a wonderful new shopping experience that not only provides a one stop shop for busy women to pick up something for themselves, their kiddos, their hubbies and gifts for friends and family, but also a place to gather and connect.

The Glamour, Grace and Goodness

I am so proud of both of these ladies for the courage to follow their dreams and listen to their hearts!  And, I can tell you from personal experience that what they have created is amazing!  As I mentioned, I was of course led to their darling clothes and couldn’t leave without purchasing this cute top that can be worn in all seasons!  They just have so many unique and darling items – here are a few of my favorites:

You can order from the web or if in Denver, go visit the store as they have much much more than you see online.  Truly, this is a store for everyone!

It Gets Even Better!

Guess what?  As a Love, Glitter Girl reader you may receive $15 off your purchase of $100 or more through June 6th (can you believe it?) by using the code “Glitter.” when you checkout!!!  They also do in store pick up as well as local shipping if you need it!

And, the fun does not stop there!  Tomorrow, Aspen Lane and I will announce a great giveaway so stay tuned!

Have you experienced a transition that changed your life that you think would help other women?  I would love to hear from you!  Drop a comment below.


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