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Hey Loves,

I am thinking about sandwiching in a fun post every Wednesday that is short, sweet and touches on the Four Gs (Glamour, Grace, Guts & Goodness).  Something like this:

Glamour – Fun Finds at Target – you cannot beat these prices!

  • Black Puff Sleeved Top (above and below- comes in other colors) – $15!  This is a great buy.  The body is a knit and the sleeves are more of a cotton shirt material.
  • Cream Dress (below – comes in other colors) – $12!  This is so comfy – it is like a sweatshirt material!  And, think enough to hide everything 🙂

Grace – Everyone is talking about this Collagen Elixer from Isogenix.  I am giving it a try.  You can follow along on my journey on Facebook and Instagram.  I will do a full post at the end of 30 days detailing my results and have a discussion with Krista, who is one of the Isagenix reps.

Guts – Talking about messiness in our lives this week.  Food for Thought: Put one foot in front of the other.  Those footsteps you leave behind are your strength, your determination, your journey.  One day you are running, the footsteps leaving a deeper impression behind you.  And, you are focused on the ahead.


Goodness – Our favorite easy recipe – hands down!  Chicken Tacos!

That’s it.  Do you like this kind of post?  Please let me know in the comments below.


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