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Hey Loves,

It’s What’s Up Wednesday!

Grace – I was inspired to write Monday’s post from The Chalene Show podcast on Cellulite.  Give it a listen if you would like to learn more about those thigh dimples.

Guts – So many comments on the  Monday Dimples post – here are just a few.  Thanks ladies for being vulnerable 🙂

  • Marti: “This is a great story and beautifully written! I, too, will try to embrace! Urgh!”
  • Barbara: “Great story and thanks for being -vulnerable! Having suffering the same “affliction “ I see nothing really helpful from the 70s “Spa lady” roller thingies to caffeine creams to weight loss. Apparently lipo doesn’t do much either.  Maybe spray tan?  Otherwise celebrate our beauty and feel bad for those who don’t share our dimples!
  • Susan from Fashionably Fifty: “You are really brave.  I just got a few new dimples this year.”
  • Vanessa from Kale and Mascara: “Awesome Post.  “Yes, let’s change the narrative.”
  • Cindy: “Dimples make you a real woman”
  • Shauna from Chic over 50: “I’ve always said THE GUYS should have gotten them” – hmmmm, I wonder if they would then be celebrated – food for thought.
  • Lori from blendandglow.withlori: “Definitely a work in progress!!! It’s hard to love them, but it’s something to keep working on. I mean , I’m pretty sure they will not be getting better at this point 🤣”
  • Lydia from Lydia50andfabOh gotta read this cuz I’m not comfortable with some of my dimples.
  • Jenn from thejennreed: “Haha, I love the one on my cheek although it’s being taken over by the wrinkles!”
  • Megan from myprrimemama: “My favorite post you’ve done!!!”
  • Kate: “As women became more empowered, independent and strong, commercialism birthed an industry to reduce their self confidence, erode their beauty and take their money.” WOW! And still happening today… thanks for such an honest and thoughtful piece.”


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Glamour – Check out my FabFitFun box!  This is my favorite box since Material World stopped doing their boxes.  And, as an annual member, I get to pick what I want.  I always get fun things that are great for keeping or for gifting.  If you would like your own, click here and you will receive $10 off your seasonal box subscription.  If you click, I may get a small commission.

Goodness – I may be late to the game, but my daughter and I really enjoyed watching Derry Girls on Netflix. Nicola Coughlin, who played Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton, stars as Claire with a great cast of other female actresses.  It is a British sitcom set in Ireland and parallel to the storyline, you are introduced to some of the Irish Conflict taking place in the 1990s.

I also binged both Behind Her Eyes, a psychological thriller that brought an eerie surprise at the end as well as the first Season of The Sinner – both on Netflix.  The former left me a bit disturbed but definitely a great watch if you enjoyed films like Gone Girl.  The latter is awesome!  Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel were great!


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3 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – FabFitFun, Dimples, The Chalene Show and Binge TV!

  1. Okay now I must watch Derry Grils and Behind Her Eyes. I know that the latter was a very popular psychological thriller novel. I haven’t read it yet so now I’ll just watch it!

    1. Derry Girls was awesome! Behind Her Eyes is only for those who can handle a bit of creepy ::)) xoxoxo

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