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As Y’all know from my last post, my heart is full after a fabulous 50th celebration last weekend hosted by some of my nearest and dearest. It was an intimate and cozy gathering while at the same time a huge splash filled with glitz and glam. Honestly, y’all it was a total ode to Love, Glitter Girl and I just have to share the fabulousness with you!

The dream team (Kate, Ali, Suz, Marti and Kristin) and my wonderful, Mr. Tony, hit it out of the park with a Glitter Girl-themed bash coupled with a Valentine’s Day twist that would make any Pinterest board proud – LOL. In addition, there are some Glitter Girl tips that can be useful to you in your next party endeavor so Drink Up, Glitter Girls!

The Flirt

Many a good relationship starts with a good flirt…and so, does a good party! Flirt?!? Girl, have you gone mad? Why, no my dear, the flirt is the teaser. The “I don’t want to miss this”…the “glass of champagne” as the fabulous Hilary Rushford would say in her Instagram with Intention class.

Y’all…this is SO me!

The flirt is the invitation that entices you to the party – the promise of what is to come. And, Ms. Ali teased us all with her Paperless Post design promising an evening of Champs and Bubbles, Chic with Shine, Flirt and Fun, and of course, some Love, Glitter Girl. My heart was dancing as I opened the invitation to see something “so Hilary.”

Love at First Glance

Now, ya’ll know this one. Instead of a sweet flirt, this is the lightening strike. The hit me in the heart with an arrow – the hook, line and sinker. The love at first glance I felt when I walked into Miss Kate’s house and was enveloped by balloons. Now, my dear Miss Kristin knows her balloons – she is a balloon aficionado! That lovely girl knows that those colorful pillows of air bring the festive to any gathering whether it be a birthday, a school fundraiser or a “just because I love you” and for this occasion, she pulled out all of the stops!

Miss Kristin’s sea of balloons!

Everywhere you looked, there was a sea of pink, gold and white clouds! And, the sun shone brightly as a huge gold “50” to complete the landscape.

There is Miss Regan peeking through!

Now, here is my first little nugget of Love Glitter Girl Party Tips. Did you know that you can get the most fabulous balloons that last for days, maybe even weeks, at the Dollar Tree? I am telling you..from your colorful favorites to an array of foil shapes and sizes to your favorite character shapes, the Dollar Tree just might have them!

The I Don’t Know What Hit Me!

Now, some loves aren’t uncovered right away. Rather, they are special moments that build upon each other until BAM, you realize that all of a sudden you can’t live without that special someone. This is where Miss Marti came in. Miss Marti is a true Pinterest Queen – she has taught me quite a few things about party planning and I will tell you that she is the one to call when the devil is in the details. Marti created the special little touches that flowed throughout the event to add fun and flavor (much like she does with every baked good that comes out of her kitchen)!

I mean, y’all, look at that hair!

Everywhere you looked, there was some fabulous touch to bring a smile or a laugh! There were framed photos (thanks, Mr. Tony, for pulling some of those gems) like me as Miss Shawquan Ruritan or the one that hung in the local beauty salon in Winchester, VA for like 5 years of me in true 80s fashion with the feathered hair and blue eyeshadow. The fabulous 50 poster that denoted all of the happenings from the year I was born. Or the fun black and white love glitter girl inspired quotes! And, the list goes on! By the end of the evening, you didn’t know what had hit you but you knew it warmed your heart!

Look at this preciousness! And, I know y’all are jealous of my special 50th wine glass!

Another Love Glitter Girl Party Tip – did you know that the Dollar Tree sells picture frames? Now, these are not high quality, keep em forever frames. But they are perfect for showcasing quotes, printables, and the like for parties. And, they even have the little stands to prop them up!!

The Climax

Now, Y’all get your mind out of the gutter! This is the pivotal moment, the kiss that seals the deal, the moments in “A Star is Born” that had you routing for Jack and Ally (you know the ones, his hand massaging her leg on the motorcycle, the way he looked to the crowd during her first performance, the one where she looks over to him performing La Vie en Rose, the one where the tears flow as they marry – can y’all tell I am obsessed with that movie – LOL) those moments that bring tears to your eyes – the ultimate feeling of love and joy and the “can’t live without you” vibe.

The Climax – y’all stole my heart

That was Miss Kate’s brainchild – the Valentine. As I am lucky to be born in the month of love, those girls coupled the party with a fun twist. Each guest brought me a Valentine – a song, a poem, a sentiment, a cheer, a laugh and most of all, a good cry of joy. I am telling you that these Valentines had tears streaming down my face that likened up there with my wedding day to Mr. Tony and the birth of my sweet girl. And, as a shout-out to my last post, they had me feeling on top of the world!

Miss Suz, I will flamingle with you anytime!

The Cinch

So, you know that feeling you have after you are gone but are reminded constantly of that special person? Like when you are driving and your thoughts wander off or you are supposed to be paying attention but you can’t quite focus because that memory is stuck in your brain? That ticket stub or matchbox that reminds you of that special evening? That one special moment that cinched the deal?

Well, that is where Miss Suz and Miss Ali came in. They created the Cinch that reminds us of the wonderful evening we had. The special memento. The parting gift. The favor.

Can you believe?

As a sidenote, Miss Kate kept asking me, what is your favorite drink? And, I kept answering – I love my red wine but I can’t drink it with my tooth (more on that in a separate post). How about Champagne? And, so Champagne with strawberries was my special drink for the evening.  And, another Love Glitter Girl Party Tip – yep, that is right, you can get champagne and wine glasses for parties at the Dollar Tree.  LOL – you would think this post is sponsored by the Dollar Tree but I promise it isn’t!!!

Back to the story – the Cinch! Miss Ali and Miss Suz created the most fabulous favor I have ever seen!! Little bottles of Rose Champs with sweet kisses wrapped in cellophane! I seriously cannot think about even opening it because it is just so absolutely perfect! It will be the most aged bottle of Champs that Eva will likely come across in my stuff 50 years from now – LOL

Now, y’all, there was so much more that night – the food, the drinks, the flowers and most of the all the friends. It was an evening like none other! And, I am so very thankful and grateful for my tribe.

I have likened the party to Love Stories…because it is truly a very special love story to me.



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