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If you have a senior, you know what I mean!  So, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, bumps and all.  Did I say bumps?  Sure did. We will be exploring a few in the coming weeks.

For now, tuck this little schedule away and know that YOUR main action items are 1) to fill out that FAFSA application and CSS profile as early as possible (ie, October 1st) and 2) serve as a support system for your kiddo.  Every day, please remember that next year at this time, your little angel may have flown the coop, and you are going to miss them like crazy.  Even if you feel like strangling them today.

One thought on “The Race is On!

  1. I have a few years before we go down this road but good to know that these deadlines exist. I LOVE your last two lines! Applicable for 5 and 8 years from now, too. Lol.

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