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Hey Loves!

With the Holiday season in full swing, I am guessing there may be some last minute gift seekers.  Am I right?  Well, you are in luck!  I have the perfect gift that you can most definitely get immediately.

But before I unveil and to build the excitement – LOL – I just want to say that there are some fantastic gift guides out there and, with the magic of online shopping, can be obtained within days.  I tip my hat to all of the bloggers who have put so much time into lists for us.  I have chosen these three to highlight as they present a range of items at different price points. There are several ways to find these ladies – Instagram, the Like to Know it app (you can download for free in the Apple iStore or through Google Play) or through their blogs.

  • Hi Sugarplum – Check out her most recent post which has a link at the bottom to all of her gift guides.
  • Sweetpea in the City – She has SOOO many gift guides for girls, teens and ladies from Amazon to Target!  Either on her blog or in LTKit app.
  • Pinteresting Plans – She has lots of great Amazon options.  Either on her blog or in the LTKit app.

Now, in all of the gift guides I have seen, not one had a list of books.  Maybe a highlight or two but not a list.  I don’t know about you but here at the Glitter house, we all love a great book under the tree. You can usually find each of us taking a quiet moment wrapped up in our favorite Nordstrom throw between the grand opening and the holiday meal looking through a new book.

So, here are some ideas curated with the help of my tribe (my list could go on for days but for timesake, I highlighted a few) that you can likely find at your nearest local bookseller (here in Denver, I love Tattered Cover or Barnes and Noble) or through Amazon Books and as a Prime Member, you will receive in two days.

I hope you enjoy!  Do you have other favorites?  Please leave a comment and share!

xo, Hilary

For the Royal Lover

For the Southern in All of Us

For Every Woman You Know

For the Trailblazing Actress

For the Puzzled High School Parent Navigating College Admissions

For the Sophomore or Junior in Your Life

For Anyone Who Had the Preppy Handbook as a Kid

For the Historical Fiction Lover - there are two more after this one:)

For Anyone Who Has a Desire to Simplify

For Anyone Who Needs to Let it Go and Not Give a F*7%

Eva's Pick. For the Teen Girl Book Club - then watch the Series.

For the Autobiography Lover

For Anyone! Any Brene Brown!

For the Smut Lover - I Mean, For the Love, We All Need a Little Smut Sometimes

For the Vampire Smut Lover - the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Because Who Doesn't Love Dolly!

And, Reese!

For the Spy Lover - the Gabriel Allon Series

For the Courtroom Drama Lover - Start With This One and Read Next Two. Then Go Back and Read Everything Grisham Has Written.

Lovers of Summer, Nantucket, Romance and Friendships - an Aunt Judy favorite

For the Cook - My favorite, Ina!!

A Cute Little Coffee Table Book to Bring a Smile


The Perfect Complement to Glennon, Jen or Brene

For Anyone Who Wants to Build Wealth - a Mr. Tony pick

They Are and Will Be Classics

It is supposed to be fabulous and he is my celebrity crush LOL

For the man who wants to dream of being as cool as Stone - any Stone Barrington novel (there are 51!)

For the Coffee Table - this or any other fun Kate Spade book (they are all in fun colors!)

For Anyone Beginning Their Spiritual Journey

For the Romance Lover - Any Danielle Steel

A fun read - any Lauren Weisberger

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*I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.  All recommendations are my own.

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