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We love some sugar, Sugar, (as my girl, Regan, would say) and take advantage of any opportunity to whip up some sweet treats to gift (and savor). With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Eva put together a sampling of some of our favorite yummies for us to share with you!

In typical Glitter Girl fashion, it was not smooth sailing for us; so watch and see how we turned lemons into lemonade – LOL. As always, we are keeping it real, girls, but we did correct our faux pas in the recipes so you can learn from our mistakes. And, we thank the Goddess of Cooking, @Ina Garten, for inspiring our Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles. We absolutely love us some Barefoot Contessa.

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As referenced in the video, we have a new love affair with Wal-Mart Grocery pick- up; most of the ingredients we used in these recipes were purchased during a blizzard in Denver.

A little background…as mentioned, it was dumping snow on the day we made these and the last thing I wanted to do is trudge through a dirty, slushy parking lot to shop. My friend, Suz, (of Ibotta fame) had been telling me about the Wal-Mart grocery pick-up and I thought what the heck..let’s give it a try. Y’all, it has changed my life. No, really. It is friggin’ unbelievable and I am telling you, it was the LAST thing I wanted to try. You simply go on their website (or through the app which you will need anyway), make your list, choose a pick-up time, let them know you are coming through the app and bada boom, bada bing, within two minutes of parking, Brenda brought out my groceries and loaded my car. I mean can you believe it? All for FREE!!!! (except of course the groceries but after checking prices against the grocery store, I saved like $10 on these treat ingredients). Win/win, glitter girls!

One little bummer from Suz….you can’t use Ibotta for Wal-Mart grocery pick up. Hopefully, that will be coming soon! (Thanks Suz!).

Well, happy cooking, glitter girls! We hope you love these love day goodies! Is there something you would like us to make? Leave a comment and we will whip it up.

Chocolate-covered Oreo Pop anyone?

Enjoy! Bon Appetit! Nush-e-Jan! Buon Appetito! Guten Appetit! Buen Appetito! Kripyā Bhojan Kā Annaṅd Lijīyai!


Hilary and Eva

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