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Welcome to the first edition of Love, Glitter Girl (LGG) Goodness – this is a bi-weekly post that will highlight some of the fun, creative things in life. And, because I absolutely love pizza, we are starting there!  Sometimes, it will be pizza and a movie; other times pizza and a game.  Or, it may not be pizza at all.  It may be a fun find, a cool store, a new book, etc.  Whatever it is, it will be fun!

Now, about the pizza.  There is not a pizza I don’t like.  I grew up on Chef Boyardee out of a box with only having restaurant pizza take-out maybe once a year until I was a teenager.  I have been making up for lost pizzas ever since.

Mici Handcrafted Italian 

As luck would have it, Mici’s has a location just blocks from my home which makes it a great place to start.  Family-owned and operated by the Miceli Family with several locations throughout Denver, Mici’s is quality Italian food with fresh ingredients – the minute you take a bite, you know the ingredients are fresh.  We have never had something we did not like at Mici’s but catch our favorites to the left.

Mici’s is a casual restaurant (no white tablecloths here) and extremely family-friendly.  During dine-in, kids are treated to pizza dough to play with and can even build their own pizza!  We have been to many birthday celebrations here for that reason.  Oh, and the plexi-glass window where you can watch the pizzas being made!

In closing, Mici’s is consistent, reliable, delicious and not only that, the Miceli’s are good people.  They have been very supportive of the community supporting our local schools and I cannot speak highly enough of Marissa.  She is a joy!

Mici Handcrafted Italian

Locations at 7th/Colorado, Highlands Ranch, Lafayette, Parker and Central Park (our favorite).

Voted as Best Pizza and Best Italian as a Reader’s Choice by 5280 Top of the Town 2020.



Before Christmas, we started watching movies and shows as a family.  We started with Emily in Paris (definitely recommend for the Glamour aspect – the fashion and scenery is amazing), moved to the Queen’s Gambit (the hit of the year – what Grace she developed and just so good) and we then moved to Bridgerton.  I could have written about either of these but chose Bridgerton as it is the most recently released.

During the first episode, we did not expect to like it as much as we have.  It seemed a little silly but then the plot took hold.  All of a sudden there were twists that kept us wanting more.  Add in the handsome Simon, beautiful Daphne, the gorgeous clothes and sets, the vivaciousness of each turn and we were hooked.

A few things to note – Bridgerton as much as it is entertaining, is also thought-provoking with changes in history that could have occurred.  The music is contemporary leaving you feeling you are in a modern time warp.  And, this is not a family show.  One scene, in particular, was quite steamy and left us a little uncomfortable watching with our soon to be 17 year old daughter.  With all that said, if you need spice after the holidays, this is the show to watch!

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