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Sexy?  Manifesting?  Have you lost your mind, girl?  Is that even appropriate to talk about?  Well, Yes.  Yes, it is when you are talking about Sexy Pizza and “The Secret – Dare to Dream.”

Sexy Pizza

Y’all know I love a good pizza.  When I asked my followers for some recommendations, Sexy Pizza rose to the top of a couple people’s lists.  I had heard of it but never tried it.  I was definitely missing out!  For several reasons.  Let’s start with the pizza.  Ah-mazing.  It reminds me of a good New York slice.  Lots of dough bubbles, thin but not too thin crust and fresh, tasty toppings.  Just a great, overall pie without the frills.

Of course, the name is an eye catcher.  But, we are not talking sexy in the way you think.  What is the definition of Sexy, anyway?  One is “sexually attractive or exciting”; another is “exciting; appealing”.  Sexy Pizza is about the latter.  Why?  This is a company that prides itself on activism and community.  These guys met while advocating for marijuana decriminalization.  They have built their business on activism.  According to their website, they “have been a leader on the topics of homelessness, drug policy reform, and employee ownership, and offer their employees one of the best benefits packages in the city (fully compensated health and dental, 401k retirement plan match, PTO, and more).”

I am not here to get into issues or politics about marijuana.  What I will say is that I am firm believer in individual choices and standing up for what you as an individual care about.  What excites passion and appeal to you!  It sounds like these guys know what they want and instead of making it about them, they are making it about others.  When you buys some of their pies, they make a donation to a couple of amazing initiatives in Denver.

So, why not making pizza sexy this weekend?  Enjoy some great pie while supporting someone who is helping others!

Sexy Pizza has four locations in Denver and is currently open for pick-up/delivery.


The Secret – Dare to Dream

Who has read The Secret? If you haven’t, it is a quick and basically is based on the premise of the law of attraction.  That what we put out to the universe is returned.  For example, if we set and communicate our intentions, then universal energy helps to make them happen.  That is not always a good thing.  If we are constantly complaining and predicting negative consequences, then we are essentially wishing them upon ourselves.  However, if we choose to harness that energy for good, miracles can happen.

The Secret – Dare to Dream currently streaming on Prime Video is a fictional story based upon this premise.  It has like 32K positive reviews – now, I don’t necessarily think it is for the artistic depiction in the movie but rather the message it sends.

In our house, we have a lot of anxious energy and at least one of us (wink, wink) has been known in the past to be a bit pessimistic.  This movie is a must for people like that person 🙂  As it shows us how the law of attraction coupled with positive thinking can lead towards the results you want.  I can tell you that when I am intentional with my energy, that things have happened consistently in return.  Coincidence?  Well, watch the movie and see what cute Josh Lucas has to say about that.  Oh, and did I mention Katie Holmes is in it too?



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  1. I think Sexy Pizza may have to be on the menu this weekend! If it gets a thumbs-up from you, I KNOW it’s good pizza 🙂

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