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Happy Friday lovelies,

The day we have all been waiting for (well, at least I have LOL) is finally here.  My full closet reveal.  Enjoy this quick little video and then keep reading for more details.



So, how did I go from the before to the after?   Well, actually it was a two stage process.  The first occured when we moved in 6 years ago.  I wanted a bright dressing room space so my decorate partner and I started internet research. I found an Ikea hack that I knew was just right for me!  We bought various cabinets and then wallpapered the front if them to resemble an antique mirror. We then attached lattice work found on Etsy to complete the look.  If you want to know more about this process, leave a comment below and I can doa post just on the cabinets.

The next phase came this year; the pandemic brought a lot of changes for us including at home workouts for me as well as a new resident in our house – Mr. Tony’s 101 year old Dad.  As I mentioned before, my office has now become his shower – LOL.  So, I needed another space.  When a friend introduced me to Kristi Ohmdahl of KO Luxury Organizing, I saw a great opportunity to partner up to get my dressing room revamp started.  In case you missed the post detailing the organization process, please go read now.  Kristi employs the Knock Out method in six steps to help me go from Messy to Magnificent.  I then added in a new desk, rug, artwork and mirror and voila – the proof is in the pudding so to speak.  The before and after photos speak for themselves.


This is what Kristi walked into on our organization day. (Click for larger image)

–Messy cabinets & Disorganized shoes

–Clothes stuffed in on all sorts of different hangers

–Mix of winter and summer clothes

–Brown carpet

–The only thing that was new was the desk and a sample piece of art

–Visit Monday’s post to see what we did








Cabinet #1 – went from crammed tops and messy jewelry and belts – a display of purses, organized jewelry by color and neat drawers.





















Cabinet #2: Messy shoes and Junk turned transformed into a shoe display and my Spring/Summer tops.  Flip Flops and Flats are stored in baskets to make room for fancier heels and boots.








Cabinet 3: All sweaters plus all pants.  Moved sweaters to Cabinet #4 storing fall/winter in a separate space and organized pants, also storing out of season pieces.









Cabinet 4: Swapped jackets for sweaters and cleaned up to make a display space for my Cheetah print and perfumes.








Tada!!! The Full Reveal.  I love my new closet complete with this colorful rug.






What do you think?  Have you gone through a similar process?  Share your thoughts and pics below.  Don’t forget to check out the process we used and to access Kristi’s contact information by visiting HERE.


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