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I know.  Many of us are tired of Zoom – day in, day out at work and in our personal time too.  We so want to reach out and give a hug and share space others.  With hope on the horizon, but Zoom in the immediate future, I am sharing a few fun activities to spice up your online visits over the holiday.

Play a GAME!  Last night we played Guess It! and Trivia with seven other families.  It was so fun!  There are so many options to choose from:

  • At the beginning of Covid my daughter and her friend hosted Bingo and Guess It! over Zoom for neighborhood kids to give Moms & Dads a break and to connect with other kids.  You can access all of their Bingo cards and other materials like Guess It instructions for free here:
    • Want something geared towards the older set?   Visit for the Corona Rona edition Bingo and another teen+ set of Bingo cards. (Corona Rona Bingo Card Featured Above)
  • Host a holiday trivia game – have everyone bring a certain number of holiday themed trivia questions and take turns asking questions.  The person with the most right answers wins!  Here are some holiday trivia websites for inspiration: Parade Christmas Trivia, Bustle Holiday Trivia, All Holiday Trivia and I am sure there are many more!
  • Grab a game of SmartAss* and host for your family – or have them get a copy too and you can go back and forth on questions.  We love this game!  You can also use Trivial Pursuit*or any other trivia game.

Wishing you fun, laughter and memories this holiday season!



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