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Hey loves,

Several years ago, Mr. Tony and I made a pact.  From now on, no matter where we are going, if we are flying, we take one carry on suitcase and one personal item.  Period.  That makes for some interesting packing for both of us.  In the coming weeks, blog subscribers will be receiving a free packing tutorial but in the meantime, for those headed out on Spring Break, here is a quick preview of how I do it and some essentials you will need.

What: 10 tops, 7 bottoms, 9 dresses, 2 jackets, 3 workout bottoms, 5 workout tops, 5 shoes, 2 nightgowns, 15 lingerie items, 6 pairs of socks3 hats, = 25 outfits plus  plus 5 swimsuits/3 cover-ups.  I like options on vacay 🙂

In Backpack: Computer, iPad, Phone, Toiletries/make-up, Blanket, Cables, Easter candy, medicine, retainer, jewelry, sunglasses, purse/wallet, pillow, rain poncho and still room for more!

What you will need:

  1. Packing cubes – I really like these and they compress your clothes.  Mine stay pretty much the way they went in.
  2. Flat, rollable jewelry holder – I like this as it rolls into a nice little tube to placer in carryon.  I always put my jewelry with me.
  3. Toiletry Bag plus small cosmetic bag (I just use what I have) – Use the travel containers below for your shampoo, after haircare, conditioner, moisturizer (if needed), sunscreen, and anything else.  Add in other liquids.  Get travel size of all general things like toothpaste, lotion, etc.
  4. Travel containers – see above.
  5. Perfume holders – have not tried – will be my first time
  6. Backpack – I love my Jack Rogers but they do not have anymore.  Any backpack is fine – I like a backpack as we will be hiking so need one for that.
  7. Carry-on Suitcase – I don’t have this but I want it.

How to:

  1. Iron all clothes and roll up and put into packing cubes: dresses in one, tops/bottoms in 2 and nightgowns/swim/coverups in 3
  2. Put underwear in laundry bags and stuff into two tennis shoes
  3. Place tennis shoes and 4 pairs of shoes with belts, hats, socks, etc. in one side of suitcase with the smaller packing cube (swim one)
  4. Larger two packing cubes in other on top of tote bag and casual clutch – I put nicer dresses on top
  5. Put everything else in backpack.  Use fancier purse to hold all ids, cards, cash and travel docs

That’s it. Happy Packing!

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2 thoughts on “9 Day Spring Break Packing – 1 Carryon and 1 Backpack

  1. Oh I just love a good organizational/minimalist tip!! Buying these packing cubes for me and the girls TODAY!! Thank you!

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