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Last week, we shared all of my Amazon warm weather Spring Break finds.  But, what if you are headed somewhere chilly, like a ski resort?  You are in luck!  Here is a round-up of some wonderful finds that can whisk you through the week.  If you click on any of these affiliate links, I may get a very small commission from your click.

6 looks, all under $30 except the black, glittery leggings.

Ok, I am a BIG supporter of a carry-on suitcase.  This may be difficult when heading out on a ski vacay but you can still minimize by switching out two pairs of leggings, six sweaters and 1-2 pairs of boots!  By the way, I still have my eye on the Away suitcase.  Is it worth the money?  Do you have a carry-on suitcase you love?

The Boots

For each of these looks below, I am wearing either these booties (black suede) or a pair of boots similar to these (honestly, any tall black boot will do in a ski town- Uggs, Sorels, etc. unless you want to go really dressy).

The Leggings

I have interchanged two pairs of leggings in all of these looks:

  • Black, glittery leggings – these are actual leggings with a glittery coating.  It is not sparkly; more of like a shimer coating.  These are perfect for longer tops.  ~$48
  • Black, faux leather leggings – these are more like Spanx or a pair that I have from Loft.  These can be worn with shorter tops.  These are unbelievable for the price!  $19.99.

The Looks

Let’s break these down starting from top left and across and then to bottom left and across.

  1. If you want to go all out on puff sleeved trend without breaking the bank, this one is for you!  It is only $22, is very flattering and also comfortable.
  2. Another on-trend top with the cute puff sleeves!  It is like wearing a pajama top in terms of comfort and this will be my St. Paddy’s day top!
  3. I love this leopard sweaterIt is shorter so fits in with the more cropped style and looks great with either legging.  It has a sexy look while still being soft and comfy!  I feel like I got a great trend for a great dea!
  4. II did not think I would like this leopard cardigan, but it is so soft and well-shaped that I do!  By the way, I only show you items that I would wear – for example, a couple of sweaters did not make the cut due to quality or fit 🙂
  5. Pink, y’all!  This is a classic piece that you can wear for years to come.  It has a soft, buttery feel.
  6. This asymmetrical turtleneck sweater is a blogger favorite and comes in so many colors.  It is cozy plus comfy and could be worn for hanging at home or a casual night out.  It goes with both leggings.

I hope you enjoyed this Amazon Spring Break Round Up of Cold Weather Finds.  If you would like to see more of these types of posts, please drop a comment below.  Have a favorite Amazon piece?  Would love to hear about it!!


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