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Holidays are looking a little different this year but there is one thing I am not going to change.  With Facebook memories popping up from past holiday events, I am determined – I am going to dress up, darnit!  Thankfully, Yurt Dining is in my future as well as some NYE fun (done safely of course).  And, we WILL be sitting in our formal dining room for Christmas Dinner.

In January, I will be rolling out my style philosophy but in the meantime, I can say it includes old and new, classic and trendy.  And, for that last one – trendy – it usually does NOT break the bank (hint: cheap LOL 🙂

So, here are my three Holiday looks with links on how to get and where my inspiration came from 🙂  And, you may wonder why I am wearing two different shoes?  Well, that is where you come in!  Which one do you think I should wear with each?  I am a bit divided – LOL – literally.  Please leave a comment below with your choice.  Also, which do you think I should wear for each event?  The choices are Yurt Dining on Christmas Eve, Holiday at Home on Christmas Day and Vail fun on New Year’s Eve. 

Look One:

Inspiration – Hi Sugarplum
Something Old, Something New
Classic Blouse (this one sold out but here is another option), Black Wide Leg Pants (similar – I have had these 20 years),
Sandals, Low Heel Pump (really good for narrow feet)

Look Two

Inspiration – Teggy French
Something Old & Something New/Trendy
Blouse (Similar here, here, here, here), Pants (I went trendy & cheap),
Sandals, Boots (similar)
You can shop Teggy‘s original post by following Teggy French in the LTKit app

Look Three

Inspiration – Red Dress Boutique
Something New
Dress, Sandals & Boots (similar here, and here)

What do you think?  Would love you to leave a comment on 1) Shoe Choice for Looks 1, 2 and 3 as well as which outfit you think I am wearing to which event.  Have another holiday look you have posted?  Leave a link – I would love to see!



6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New – Three Holiday Looks the Love Glitter Girl Way

  1. Xmas dinner. Boots and dress

    NYE Plaid pants n sandals.

    And. btw. No matter what you wear- you make everything look amazing. So glad to see glitter girl back

  2. Um, OK, CLEARLY I did not read the instructions, just commented away :))) Just voted for that dress because I love it. Trying again – #1 for dining at home, plaid for NYE, dress for dinner in the yurt. And closed toed any time you think you’ll be cold just to keep those tootsies warm.

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