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17 more days to shop for Valentines!  Most people wait until the last minute to shop however among the many things the pandemic has changed, it is more focus on celebrating and shopping early.  Do you remember Target’s shelves right before Christmas?  They were bare.

Today begins a series of three posts highlighting fun & unique Valentines gifts that I have uncovered either at Brick & Mortar stores or online.  You can do all of your shopping right here and have the items shipped or if in Denver, available for curbside pick-up.  I love every, single store as each offers delightful, unique items.  Want to see the items more closely, click the pic 🙂

The featured image above is one of my favorite finds – I love all the Valentines sweetness and I have definitely purchased plenty.  This though.  This Valentine’s keychain alarm exudes the most love as it has a purpose – to keep loved ones safe like that little girl in that picture who is now 16 and driving home from work at night alone.  Or your girlfriends after a dinner out.  Or your wife.  Or your significant other.  My friend, Kristin, bought me a similar one recently and every time I look at it, I appreciate the sentiment behind it.  This heart is at Wish Gifts and I purchased on the spot.

New Online Gift Boutique

Before I highlight the Brick & Mortar stores I visited, I am introducing a really fun shop that I found through Instagram: Taylor Beach Design!  I am a sucker for preppy gifts and Taylor delivers preppy and so much more!  You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see what she is currently offering.   I love her Valentines section; I actually love everything on her page.  Look at these pet beds!  Personalized note cards – ok, who had the Bermuda bag?  These gift tags (hint, some are on sale!).  Look at these darling bibs – and how about the design your own for little football enthusiasts!

I am so happy I found Taylor Beach Design and will definitely be bookmarking for future shopping!

Denver-based Boutiques

Wish Gifts
Insta: wishgiftsdenver
Facebook: Wish Denver
Everything available for shipping or pick up
Does provide gift wrap & a gift concierge service which can put together baskets of whatever you want.

Wish is a plethora of gifts and has been voted best gift store in Denver by 5280n for five years running.  I can see why.  They have gifts for every occasion!  
To the left is a collage of just some of the Valentines gifts.  You can peruse quite a selection on their website.  Bath products, trays, pajamas, candy, books, cards, the list goes on and on!

I like to focus on things I have not seen before or are really unique.  Here are my picks from what I saw in store during my visit:

  • Junior Mints shaped like hearts!  Featured here in a care package & available for individual sale.
  • This candle is perfect as a Galentine’s gift.  V Day can be so hard for singles – be your own damn Sugar Daddy!  Call to purchase.
  • Dog V Day treats – Eva is dying to get these for Sparkle!
  • Heart Alarm – no brainer!  Call to purchase.
  • Tub Tea – Valentines edition.  Call to purchase.
  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told book – this is a collection of love stories (not just romantic) from around the world.  Call to purchase.
  • Mini Valentines Llama Pinata – darling!  Seen here in a package.  Available for purchase separately.
  • XO bracelet in Morse Code.  Call to purchase.  They also have a V Day wish bracelet.  Everyone loves those!
  • Finally, look at this picture frame!  It was in the kids’ section but I could not resist the rainbow glitter!  Call to purchase!

Two locations; I visited Cherry Creek North
Insta: bloom_by_anuschka
Facebook: BloomByAnuschka
Online shopping/shipping available as well as pick up

Bloom is half floral shop and half gift shop – when I entered, I felt that I was surrounded by calm and spirit.  And, then I saw this!  Was I in Paris strolling in the Marais?  This was spectacular immediately upping my energy level.  I have not seen anything like it in Denver.  If for no other reason (although you will find plenty), you should visit to see this!  Btw, Bloom was recommended to me by Tanya Jahnke, the owner of Om – Design with Intention/Feng Shui expert who will be providing us tips on creating romance in the bedroom next week on the blog!

Once I got over the surprise of those lovely flowers, I found several items perfect for Valentines Gifting.

-Lovely candles and bath products
-Flowers – look at that arrangement!  Spectacular!
-These adorable love trays and love arrangement
-How cool is this?  Eye, Heart, You/Horseshoe art.  This was one of the most unique things I saw yesterday
-Heart stones
-Did I mention, FLOWERS!

Call to order any of these items.  Bloom will join my list of go-to florists in Denver!


The Lark Denver
(303) 744-7464
Instagram: thelarkdenver
Facebook: TheLarkDenver
Some online shopping & call to purchase

The Lark Denver is a lovely home decor and gift shop that is reminiscent to me of many that I grew up visiting in Middleburg, VA.  High quality, tasteful items hand curated for elegance.  I loved everything there and here are my V Day picks:

  • Kissing balls – why mistletoe at Christmas but not kissing balls at Valentines
  • Heart shaped Soaps
  • Candles and scents that are as lovely to see as they are to smell.


Talulah Jones
Instagram: talulahjones
Facebook: Talulahonline
Only available for pick-up/does offer gift wrap

Talulah Jones is half children’s store and half gifts/home/clothing in a fun, colorful storefront that exudes happiness.  They had a Valentine’s Day section (and honestly, the whole children’s section had fun gifts that could be given as V Day gifts) and here were some of my favorites.  You have to call or visit to shop as shopping is not available online 🙂

-Those fun unwrap balls that contain little toys as well as pink pens and chapsticks
-Bath truffles – how fun are these?
-Vintage Valentines – so fun to send to friends and family
-Confetti filled – hearts – a little extra something to add in to your Valentines Card or present

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide.  Next week, I will be bringing you gifts from my neighborhood 🙂  Also, don’t forget to check out my online gift guide highlighting larger stores here.  Do you have a recommendation for me to check out as a V Day gift?  Send it my way!  I can’t promise to post everything, but if not, will keep for future gift guide posting.  Leave a comment below.  



This is not a sponsored post – I do not receive a commission or kick-back and all Ideas are my own.  If you enjoyed and wish to say thank you, share with others who would enjoy 🙂

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