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Happy Weekend!

Eva is back on the blog with another unboxing of the ILJ Monobox. This time around it is all about the hearts – Valentine hearts, I mean. Watch as she shares the fabulous items that she got at a fabulous price – $21.95!

She is digging the softness of the sweatshirt – my guess it will become a favorite for lounging! And, the necklace will likely climb to the top of the collection with her star one from Brandy Melville.

The I Love Jewelry Monobox is just $21.95 plus shipping – an unbelievable price for 3 items, one of which is monogrammed! The fun thing is you can either allow yourself to be surprised or…you can see what you will be getting ahead of time.

Again, it is the I Love Jewelry Monobox and also, they have a Swag Bag that is only $10 for one monogrammed item!!!  We haven’t tried it yet, but we might!


Hilary (with Eva)

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