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Hey Glitter Girls,

Ever since I started dabbing in subscription clothing boxes, Eva has been begging for one. However, we really couldn’t find one that worked like women’s subscription boxes (style profile = curated just for you).

As a matter of fact, this blog began several years ago when my friend Kate and I thought about starting the Glitter Box – a quarterly subscription box that included one outfit and accessories for tweens and teens. Alas, we declared it was not our passion but the blog has remained and Eva has continued to hunt for a great box for teens!

Fast forward to the new Thred Up Goody Box (see my January reveal). Mine was so successful that we decided to give it a try for Eva. Basically, it has all of the components she wanted to try (style profile, curation, free shipping both ways) and it met my criteria – affordable. I mean $10?!? for a curated box and you get your styling fee back if you spend $75 – sign me up, sister! Oh, and did I mention the sustainability part – it is all consigned clothing!

Eva could not wait to tear into the Goody Box when it arrived. We quickly did an unboxing and it is featured above. She kept an open mind throughout the video, and focused on all of the positives of each piece. There were some serious possibilities for her wardrobe, and she was excited to try them on. I am modeling a few of the items as they did not fit Eva. And, she received one Brandy Melville romper that was too small for her and a Brandy Melville sweater that was too big for either of us – LOL. Apologies for the picture quality – we were in a rush.

Hollister Sweater

American Eagle Sweater
Bcx Dress
American Eagle Dress
American Eagle Dress
Brandy Melville Kimono & Madewell Tank
Lush Blouse

Items in the Goody Box

Curious on what she kept? Well, here is the bummer this time around – Nada! She really liked the romper, the purple Brandy Melville sweater, and the striped dress. However, the first two didn’t fit her well, and the dress was too similar to one she had. As for three of the items, they fit me and I would have kept, but I had similar items as well. I did show one of my friends the pictures and she would have loved a few of the things for her girls so next time I will be sharing what I got to others before I send back as I may be able to share the love.

So, drumroll…..our VERDICT on the Goody Box for Teens – it is DEFINITELY worth a try and we will try again. One issue is that Eva is extremely petite (5’2″ and 93 pounds) and I imagine it is hard to curate teen clothes for her size. I also wonder if Thred Up receives as many teen clothes in good condition? Time will tell. The good news is we were only out $10! Any more and I would hesitate to try again.

I encourage you to head on over to Thred Up and get your Goody Box today! They are giving you $10 off purchases for new customers by using this linkThis is not a subscription box so you order whenever you want. And, if you don’t want to worry about your style profile so much, they have several themed boxes you can pick. I will be ordering another soon for both myself and Eva!

Drink up, Glitter Girls and Happy Shopping!


Hilary and Eva

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