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Everyone has one….that family member who was and continues to be your friend, your nurturer, your lightening bug buddy, your “let’s have cake for breakfast” partner, your driving coach at 14 (shhhhh), your “always make me feel good” friend and the list goes on – that special person who you leaned on in youth, and who becomes your best friend in adulthood.  For Eva and I, that is Aunt Judy.  She has been spreading her goodness for 50 years to my little family!

Aunt Judy is the stuff of legends and all of my friends (and Eva’s) know (or know of) Aunt Judy.  Her youth was spent making mischief whether it be knocking on bee houses to see who was home after being told not to (and stung good) to protecting her sister from a “stranger” by throwing a rock through his windshield (ie, an innocent driver looking for directions) to chasing boo dogs (billie goats) that turned the chase on her.  Aunt Judy stories are legends and told dramatically and often in our house.

So, I wasn’t surprised when Aunt Judy told me not too long ago that she was moving into AAA clothing.  “AAA clothing, huh?”  Is that something you wear while being towed?  Did that 70th birthday knock something loose and you mean AARP?  Or?  “Age Appropriate Attire” she exclaimed.  Now, Aunt Judy is a true Southern lady and has always dressed the part.  Papagallo, Lilly Pulitzer (“although that is too young for me” she said at about 60), Talbots – she took a page out of the Preppy Handbook and ran with it.  Classic, tailored clothing.  As she has gotten older, the brands have shifted, and Aunt Judy is always on the hunt (just like me) for a fab brand at a great price).  Enter Gretchen Scott and J. McLaughlin, among others.

As is the norm at Christmas, I am always perusing my favorite online retailer (hint, hint, Maxxinistas) and what before my wandering eyes should appear but dresses from J. McLaughlin and Sand to Sable!  What!?!  Eva and I quickly added to the cart and decided Aunt Judy could pick one or all as part of her Christmas present.

Well, no surprise, J. McLaughlin won out, and she looked fab while sporting her “AAA.” Now don’t get me wrong.  The “AAA” looks great, but Aunt Judy can always sport the “oh la la”.  Check her out in this hot LBD she got at Marshall’s (and it is worth full price IMO!) as we were headed to our traditional church and Capital Grille festivities.  Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

So, Glitter Girls, get shopping and share this with your Mamas and your Grammies – I have included a whole menu of fun, preppy dresses that could be featured on any page of the Preppy Handbook and can rock through the ages (and by that I mean AAA for all of us :).

Happy Saving!



6 thoughts on “Aunt Judy and AAA

  1. Aunt Judy’s still got it goin on, AAA or not! What s wonderful legacy: best friend, trouble maker, guidance counselor, and fashion icon!

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