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It’s a New Year and a New Love, Glitter Girl (L,GG)!

First, this post was supposed to go out last week.  But, I just couldn’t.  First, the letdown of going back into the swing got me for a day.  And, then, well we all know what happened next.  It was a day that our grandchildren will likely learn about in the history of our country.  It just did not feel right.  As a matter of fact, I beat myself up for a few hours for posting about the Anthropologie sale on my Stories.  How could I possibly post about goodies when people all over the country including myself were sad.  No matter your political affiliation, emotions are high and people are fearful.  I have had the weekend to process and I so hope that we can begin to heal and talk and look for common ground.

Now, about Love, Glitter Girl (L,GG).  I am going straight to the truth and be vulnerable.  It is two years later and I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.  Why?  I am basically where I was two years ago feeling the same passion and energy I had then.  I was so excited!  And, then Spring Break rolled around and kerplunk – I lost steam.  May, 2019 was my last post.

Why?  It was so damn HARD and time consuming. Gaining only 1-2 new Insta followers a week and a few cents from click throughs was just damn discouraging. There were all these great bloggers with their links, their swipe-ups, their never-ending energy, and I just gave up.   I wanted too much, too soon.  Instead of enjoying the journey, I was stuck on the destination….rigidity…details…..the things that did not really matter but to me, defined success.

So, here I am…a little wiser, a little less competitive and a lot more humble ready to give a it another go. Here is where we are headed:

  • Blog posts which are targeted to be short and sweet – a quick read or if a video, never over ten minutes in length.
  • Glamour (Style & Fashion – Adorning ourselves): I am not that enthusiastic about just sharing pics of clothes (and me in them) everyday 🙂  Therefore, Glamour is born.  2-3 times per month, I will share something around style and fashion on the blog and social media.  The rest of the time, I will point you to the countless other women who do this extremely well.
  • Grace (Looking & Feeling Good on the inside and outside): It’s the cliche but it’s true.  Nothing is more important than our physical, mental and emotional health as we age gracefully.
  • Guts (The Tough Stuff that no one wants to talk about out loud): Menopause, Anxiety, Empty Nesting, Re-entering the Career Field, Intimacy, etc.
  • Goodness (The Sweet, Fun Stuff): traveling, cooking, reading, entertainment, eating, etc.
  • Gift Guides: Bringing you what is out there for all of your holiday gift giving in the Denver community and online.

So, are you with me?   I promise to strive for value in every, single post. Have an idea or something you wish to discuss or know more about?  Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail to



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