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Hey Y’all,

I ran into a friend this week and she exclaimed, “all of a sudden, all I am seeing is Glitter Girl. I love it.” And, at that point, I realized that I had in typically “Hilary Fashion” just jumped right in to get s*&t done without even telling y’all where I was headed – LOL.

So, as you have guessed, Love Glitter Girl is back, and back with a vengeance! But, hold on, Hilary, let’s tell them the whos, whats, whys and all that jazz. As y’all know, Love Glitter Girl started when my dear sweetie, Ms. Kate, and I were contemplating starting a subscription clothing box for Tween and Teen girls. After a lot of research and going back and forth, we decided that it probably was not our passion (enough at least to spend countless hours in my basement perfectly packing pink and glitter for 10 or 1,000 sweet girls) AND consequently, probably was not really going to make us a ton of money! (remember, you do a lot better at something if it is your passion 🙂

Fast forward to last week. As the big 5-0, GASP, approaches in two short weeks (AHHHHH!), I am contemplating what to do with my life. Some of you know I furiously studied, completed the course and passed the exam to become a Real Estate Associate in three short months last Fall. Why? Well, I love houses, love decorating, can be somewhat analytical and data-based, am a Type A and I can be pretty good with people. So, Real Estate seemed like a no brainer. Well…maybe. I am planning to hang my hat somewhere. But, is it my one true passion? If I had to ask myself that question, then I owed it to myself to delve deep inside that Hilary heart and think about things really hard.

And, as the very informative Daniel Amen, through his newest book, Feel Better Fast and Make it Last, and the genuine heart happy Jen Hatmaker through her podcasts (thanks Ms. Kate and Ms. Regan) and the fantastically, fabulous Hilary Rushford through her FREE class, “Double Your Instagram Following” spoke to me with all of their energy, education, insight and inspiration, I found myself back at Love Glitter Girl. And, I just dove right in sharing something I lovefinding absolutely fabulous brands and items at fabulous prices so I can visit more fabulous places and experience more fabulous time with those I lovewith othersso that they can find fabulous brands and items so that they can visit more fabulous places and experience more fabulous time with those they love. Are you seeing a trend here? I want to share all that I find fabulous so that others can enjoy the fabulous and live a more fabulous life – LOL.

Where is this going? Honestly, I can’t tell you right now. What I can tell you, is that I am posting fabulousness, and spending my days delving into defining what Love Glitter Girl is, where it is going and how I can turn my passion into a business. And, I have made a commitment to give this the good ole college try, so to speak.

Now, here is where you come in…if you have read this far, then you at least love me enough to be interested in what i am up to 🙂 So, if you have a minute, I would love your feedback on the following (you can e-mail me your quick bullet points to

  • Are you interested in learning more about how to shop at discount retailers and consignment stores to save money?
  • Would you love to receive fab finds in clothing, home decor, gifts, and whatever else I find from discount retailers (like TJ Maxx, hint, hint) that is fabulous right to your inbox?
  • Would you love to learn more about places around the globe that I visit with money saving tips and recommendations with all that money I am saving?
  • Would you love to be introduced to other bloggers who are experts in fashion, travel, money saving, etc?
  • Would you be interested in joining my Glitter Girl tribe to advise me as I develop my business plan, marketing strategy and social media presence?
  • Do you have other feedback for me?

Well, it is time to get back to spreading some glitter (i.e., some shiny savings for YOU!) Thank you so much for reading my lovely glitter girls!



Coming up next on the blog…unboxings from ThredUp and special Valentine’s Day finds with Eva.

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