Hey there Lovelies!   I am so happy that you have found Love, Glitter Girl.  My name is Hilary, and I hail from Virginia but have lived in the West for 25+ years (half my life!).  I am, gasp, 52 years old and enjoy life with a little bit (who am I kidding – a lot) of sparkle!  In the words of the late Kate Spade, I like to “leave a little bit of sparkle wherever I go.”

I currently live in Denver, CO with my husband, Mr. Tony; my teenage daughter, Eva; my 100 year old Father in Law and our little Yorkie, Sparkle Jones.  I spent my 20s and most of my 30s in the Corporate and Non-Profit worlds, quitting at 35 to stay home with my girl.  Since, I have been volunteering and consulting with Denver schools, primarily in marketing and communications.

I have blogged on and off for years and now that I am facing the independence of my girl, have decided to give it a go full time!  My goal is to share a bit of my story in the hopes that it provides some nuggets that will enhance yours while having fun and keeping it real.  I focus on:

  • Guts – the tough stuff that is hard to talk about (challenges & opportunities)
  • Glamour – feeling good about ourselves on the outside (style & fashion)
  • Grace – feeling good about ourselves on the inside (health & beauty)
  • Goodness – the sweet, fun stuff (books, travel, cooking, eating, holidays & more)

Things I absolutely LOVE include finding an amazing deal (and sharing it), home decor, cooking, volunteering, traveling, yoga, barre, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, Snap filters, writing and PIZZA!  Oh, did I mention PIZZA!  I could literally eat it almost every day – LOL.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Remember, everything goes better with a bit of glitter, even hot flashes and wrinkles!